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Archive for June 23rd, 2018

Blurred Out – “Meadows”

“Meadows” is the debut single from Oakland-based indie-rock quartet Blurred Out. They aptly describe their sound as “noisy but tuneful” — with fluid guitars meshing nicely with a vocal performance ...

Weaver – “Boxes”

“Boxes” is a new single from Swedish artist Weaver, the project of Johan Weber. He formed Weaver in 2012 after gaining renown in the Swedish music scene as a drummer. Five years later, Weber has two EPs under the We...


Vantim – “Youth In Ice”

“Youth In Ice” is the third track release from Vantim, an ambiguous one-man project from Chicago with an audible affinity for jangly guitars and a hypnotic, serene soundscape. The guitars bounce in lively fashion ar...

Soaked Oats – “Gum-15”

Soaked Oats are New Zealand quartet that produce a suave, twangy vein of rock that shines bright on new single “Gum-15”. The track is the first single off their upcoming EP No Slip Ups. The verses alternate between ...


Obscure Sound: Best of September 2017

Above are the most memorable tracks featured throughout September 2017, streaming on both Spotify and Soundcloud. Some tracks may be missing from the Spotify playlist, since not every submitted track is available there (unlike ...