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Archive for June 18th, 2018

Valipala – “Candygram”

“Candygram” is heartfelt and nostalgic, another successful track from NYC-based act Valipala, recently featured with “Love of My Life“. Again pursuing soulful orchestral-laden arrangements, as they do th...

Headclouds – “Seen It Before”

Premiered on BBC Radio 1 by Phil Taggart last night, “Seen It Before” is a blissful new track from Newcastle-based act Headclouds. Their second release, the track is another peek at their forthcoming debut EP Pure H...


GEO – “Better” (feat. Gabriela Francesca, Rex Mac)

Colorful and melodic, “Better” is the third single from LA-based indie R&B/hip-hop producer GEO. Featuring the sugary-sweet vocals of Gabriela Francesca and a lush hip-hop addition from Boston-based rapper Rex ...

RHYNE – “Cynthy”

RHYNE – an experimental hip-hop and future synth producer based in Silver Lake, Los Angeles – pursues a successful, trippy sound on new track “Cynthy”, where chillwave-induced atmospheric synths mesh wit...


Shane Tully – “I Would Not Be Wise”

Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Shane Tully impressed in 2014 with his debut EP Forward to the Rain, a lush stylistic showing of spacious guitar and piano alongside a steady rhythm section touching on folk, pop, and rock. Tull...