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Music streaming websites: fantastic opportunities you shouldn’t overlook

f you’re still struggling to introduce your music to the world, music streaming websites can do it gracefully, in a couple of clicks.     

If you make music every day and you can’t live without it, streaming is what can really make your dream come true. Here below you can learn how music streaming websites can influence artists’ careers.      

Streaming is totally democratic

No so long ago, for musicians getting serious attention relied solely on being signed to a particular record label. Those big guys controlled which records were in stores, and labels had substantial sums to promote songs to radio. Moreover, labels had large PR departments at hand, which could do miracles with the charts. Independent artists of that time could only dream of such unbelievable opportunities created by the internet.

Instead of being chosen indulgently by a stiff executive in a room somewhere, today, what becomes a hit is being determined by ordinary listeners as well as those looking to discover some unheard stuff. Those hunting for fresh tunes don’t require switching back and forth between radio stations any longer just to spot something new. Instead, they only need to browse a website like Spotify, where in a minute a skilled user can sample one hundred mind-blowing tracks. The catchiest tracks naturally get to the top, as folks hit play over and again, adding these tracks to playlists and sharing them with others.

There have been a lot of examples of indie musicians uploading their stuff, and within just a couple of months, they have enjoyed a bit hit and all thanks to almighty streaming! Previously, a hit track used to be one played all over the radio and that sold thousands of physical copies in record stores. Currently, anyone and anywhere is capable of instantly scoring a potential hit by simply racking up streams online. It means that democracy has finally emerged in the music industry.

Myriads of music fans in one place

Streaming platforms happen to be one of the few places where literally millions of people gather together just for one purpose: to taste new music. Such websites as Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and numerous other options are flooded with enormous potential due to the huge user numbers those companies have managed to collect. As mentioned on EssayHelper4You.com, just Spotify alone boasts more than 50 million paying subscribers, as well as over 100 million total users.

It has been always a daunting task to break through, but today, with huge flocks of music lovers gathered in a few spaces online, and waiting to click on a fresh song, it’s getting shockingly easier. That’s why streaming needs to be a key point of any promotional or marketing efforts. Needless to say, if a music artist captures only a tiny fraction of listeners, it will be worth it anyway. A good play count can help to attract more media attention, thus making streaming an indispensable tool for both newcomers and experienced artists. Learn more about OBS Streaming Server from DaaS Providers.

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