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Premiere: Thia Sexton – “AWOKEN”

Cellist and singer/songwriter Thia Sexton has a fascinating new project, with an audio soundtrack accompanying her book of “mostly true stories” – entitled Everything But You.

The soundtrack is headlined by the single “AWOKEN”, whose stunning music video released today. The video was created by Matt Yarrington and Sarah Winters (who created the video for Simon Raymonde (Cocteau Twins) project Snowbird’s “Porcelain“), and touts a very unique, atmospheric feel that’s hauntingly captivating.

The soft, wintry feel of the video is aptly accompanied by Sexton’s intimate vocals, which laments “maybe a heart’s that been broken grows bigger, ’cause it’s crazy this love that’s awoken.” It’s touching, atmospheric, and melodic — an emotionally sincere and beautifully written track with gliding acoustics, tugging strings, and endearing vocals.

More on Thia below:

Arriving in LA via San Francisco and in need of some fast cash, classical cellist Thia Sexton found herself at the Venice Boardwalk playing her cello under an umbrella. She was promptly asked to join five rock bands… she joined all of them.

Thia Sexton has read her stories to sold-out crowds at COMEDY CENTRAL Stage and performed music in national and international award-winning plays. She is the recipient of a Great American Song award for her song “AWOKEN”—and yes, she plays her cello like a guitar on it. Thia’s songs have also been featured on the groundbreaking radio show KCRW.

“I’ve met musicians who tune their guitar differently, to trick themselves into not playing the same way as before,” Thia explains. “Composing for the cello is a bit like that. Playing it like a guitar is always surprising, the unusual chords that come up. When I was writing “AWOKEN,” I started playing these really high notes that sound like a violin. That’s another great thing about the cello, its range and color. On that same song it can go so low it’s like a bass.”

Regarding the soundtrack’s creation process, Thia comments “Needing to laugh more, I wrote more. A friend in New York emailed one of the stories to a group who read at COMEDY CENTRAL Stage (started by Jill Solloway of ‘Transparent’ fame). I was invited to read, and afterwards people asked where they could buy the book. A famous screenwriter told me I wrote things he was afraid to write about. He said he kept looking around at the audience thinking, “Did she just write that out loud?” It made me feel less alone. I’d heard of book soundtrack releases, but not one with all original songs. I love stuff that hasn’t been done before and sounds I haven’t heard. Songs I’d written interwove with the stories, so it was cool to put snippets of them in my Audiobook. That led to the “Everybody But You’ soundtrack CD.”

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