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Four Cool Things You Can Do With an App to Boost Your Band’s Brand

There are a number of strategies out there if you want to boost the success of your band. However, nothing really compares to having a mobile app.

Having a mobile app is one of the best ways to:

  • Build a stronger, more recognizable brand
  • Connect better with your fans
  • Increase profits

But, knowing how it can help your band and how to make it work for you are two very different things. Here are four cool things you can do with your app that will help increase the success of your band.

    1. Stream Audio

It makes sense that a great app would include music streaming of some kind! If your band creates an app, you should focus on making your music accessible to your fans.

It’s a great way to provide easy links to places online where your music can be downloaded, and it’s a great place for you to provide free music to your most dedicated fans. You can even upload snippets of songs to tease people into downloading the entire tune.

    1. Upload Videos

If you’ve got some great tunes to share with your fans, chances are, you’ve got some awesome music videos to share too. Why not include them on your band’s app?

Don’t limit yourself to just uploading and sharing music videos with your fans. Make a wide variety of videos, like fan thank yous, behind-the-scenes videos, and more to boost your chances of going viral.

    1. Sell Stuff

It’s great to be able to connect with your fans and share your music, but don’t let music downloads be the only way your app makes money. Having an app is also a great way to sell merchandise.

Create an area of your app where fans can buy T-shirts, stickers, and anything else your band usually sells at concerts. With the right app setup, you can also make it easy for your followers to buy tickets to your shows.

    1. Manage Your Social Media Easily

Creating an app is a great way for you to connect with fans, but it can also make your life easier. Managing multiple social media accounts can help you reach the masses more effectively, but managing all those accounts can be a nightmare.

Your app can make it easier for you to disseminate music and videos to your fans through multiple channels. That’s because you can link them to your account, essentially uploading content once instead of getting on a computer and uploading everything separately. If you’re really tech-savvy, you can even create multiple apps for different purposes and upload and disseminate content with a single app!

Everyone can benefit from an app, but everyone benefits from it differently. That’s why it’s so important to create an app just for your brand, business, or band. With these tips you’ll be well on your way to creating a stellar app for your band that your fans won’t be able to get enough of.

Mike Mineo

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