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Hip-Hop Engagement Between Cardi B And Migos’ Offset

When people are awestruck and star-struck by some celebrities, they always want to know everything about them. This becomes even more interesting when it is about the love life of such celebrities. In this case, everybody wants to know who they are sleeping with and the state of their relationships at every point in time. That was the exact level of curiosity that greeted the relationship between the hip hop duo of Cardi B and Migos’ Offset.


  • Speculations about their Engagement


They’ve been dating for more than one year, and have been having their off and on moments just like every other relationship out there. But some of the actions of the man in the relationship prompted speculations of the duo being on the verge of walking down the aisle. When the gorgeous singer dethroned Taylor Swift from the top spot at the billboards, his boyfriend’s reaction got tongues wagging. In his congratulatory tweet to his lover, he dropped an engagement ring emoji among other things. Again, on the 29th of September, he went ahead to like the super glam picture of his girlfriend on Instagram. But he did not stop there. He also dropped a ring image on the comment box.

This, and many other past events has been causing ripples amongst the fans, and they have been struggling to be the first to predict their future marriage in the beste casino if possible.

However, many people who were stunned by her explanations about their relationship stopped taking them serious when it comes to the expectations of taking their relationship to the next level. When she spoke on the pre-show of the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards, the Bronx rapper rested the entire speculations. When the question about whether she is truly engaged to Migos Offset was thrown up by Charlemagne, her answer came in form of a song. In it, she asked the interviewer whether he is seeing any ring on her finger. She went ahead to ask the question, “Boy, is you gon’ marry me?” with a song.

She also talked about how she wants the same thing that every other woman wants, and that is to get married and have children. She ended it by telling Charlemagne that the time is still right to get married, and that Charlemagne can propose to her is he so wishes. When talking to the US Weekly, she said that it is looking like she is getting married, but that is not the case.


  • Proposal


But, on the 28 of October, she posted a video of what happened on the 27th of October in her twitter pager.  The video came with the caption, “Offset proposed,” and she embedded a ring emoji besides it.

On the Power 99 radio’s Powerhouse concert in Philadelphia, Offset of the Migos hip hop group, who has been dating Cardi for more than a year, popped the question on stage.

Below a portrait image of Cardi wearing the ring on twitter, she wrote about how excited she is about the engagement. She professed her love for him, and appreciated him for seeing her potentials and guiding her. She talked about his family and how awesome and talented they are, and her joy about the possibility of being with him forever.


  • Speculations about the Future


The talk of the town now is what such marriage holds in stock for the world of hip hop. With the potentials in the couple, people are already looking at a new mixtape, a double album, some ivy-like babies and many other speculations. The 8-carat engagement ring points towards a future that will involve huge money.

Both of them while coming from different regions in the country, are all of humble beginnings. They have very strong bonds with their family and are very proud to show it. Such values will obviously be preserved in their marriage.  

They are fashion lovers and have eyes for the trendiest things. So, we may be seeing the most fashionable couple in the show. Music brought them together; they have talent, so music will be the binding force.

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