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Archive for June 17th, 2018

André Salvador and the Von Kings – “Tune It In”

André Salvador and the Von Kings, the previously featured project of Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist Tim Cheplick, is back at it with the varied and hypnotic psych-rocker “Tune It In”. The track features two pa...

Beach Body – “Connor Bought A Van”

“Connor Bought A Van” shows a timeless sound from Canadian act Beach Body, particularly one that would fit within a ’70s California psych-folk haze. Twangy vocals and a lethargic rhythmic push establish a tran...


Clay Priskorn – “Me Seek”

Clay Priskorn’s budding musical career began at age 18, when he began seriously writing and recording songs in his parents’ Agoura Hills, CA garage. His debut album Bury ’em Deep in 2013, and by 23 Clay was sh...

Low Weather – “Aspirin”

St. Louis indie-rockers Low Weather impress with new track “Aspirin”, showing crawling guitars building toward a vocal-fronted hook that reminds of The Shins’ ability to swap between understated verses and tru...


Shyla Buff – “An Indication”

Bouncy guitar twangs and a faint synth pad kicks off “An Indication”, the first new track from Los Angeles project Shyla Buff in over one year. The project’s leader, Evan Andree, shows some real hook-friendly ...

Gilbert Lee – “Dial Me Up”

Maryland-based singer, songwriter, and producer Gilbert Lee released his second album, Magic through the Static, in the past month, showcasing a melodic vein of pop that recalls Baroque pop in the creative ways of Brian Wilson,...