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Archive for May 21st, 2018

Pampa Folks – “Blind Silhouettes”

Paris-based quartet Pampa Folks show dreamy, alluring melodic temptation throughout new track “Blind Silhouettes”. The track is an adventurous structural journey, though remaining melodically cohesive throughout. Sp...

uah – “Stolen”

London-based uah just released “Stolen”, his second release of 2017. The impressive track combines suave, blues-tinged vocals with a key-tinged soundscape that features funk guitars and a sizzling synth solo. “...


COUPON – “Radio”

Danny Townsend and Sean Mercer comprise the pop/rock project COUPON, who impress with the accessible and melodic “Radio”, which grows from a yearning synth-tinged verse to a rockin’ series of hooks. The duo pr...

Ryan Dunlap – “Love Love”

Suave brass kicks off “Love Love” in fine form, its sweltering melody and Ryan Dunlap’s likable vocal presence establishing a hook-y feel from the get-go. Crafting an accessible vein of folk-tinged pop, Dunlap...


Nocturnal Animals – “Teeth”

Atlanta-based quartet Nocturnal Animals, formerly known as “Rude!”, just recently released their new EP Dark Lit Places. Opening track “Teeth” is nicely exemplary of what to anticipate, particularly a st...