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Music Genres

Some people define music as vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way to produce a beauty form, harmony, and expression of emotion. Different forms of music are listened to in different areas. Music has got genres and these genres include hip-hop, R&B, Pop, Country, and Jazz, just to mention a few. All these appeal to different people even as each person has their own preferred real money online casino game.

Hip Hop is music made by people in the hip-hop culture. It is a genre enjoyed by many people across the globe. It was developed in America in the 1970s and pioneered by African-Americans. This type of music involves bass lines and rapping vocals which are poetically put together to produce a great track.

R&B music is also another type of music. This one is usually made up of nice and mellow music with romantic content. This genre originated in the 1940s and made great strides in becoming one of the most listened genres worldwide. Some of the popular R’n’B vocalists include Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, R Kelly, Usher, Chris Brown, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.

Pop music is also one of the most listened genres around the world. This popular genre originated in the United States and the United Kingdom in the 1950s. Up to this day, pop music is still dominating the music charts. Michael Jackson and Madonna are popularly known as the king and queen of pop music respectively. To listen to good music while you are having fun playing online games visit www.pokies.com   

Music has got a lot of impact on the people that listen to it as it may influence the character of a person. It influences how a person can dress, talk or even walk through music. Music can be used by a lot of people to express their emotions; lovers can express their feelings to each other through love songs. It is used to entertain people in clubs, parties, weddings, and other events to make people have a good time and lighten up the mood.

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