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We’ve got some ideas about another look for indie music!

Indie Music is Getting a Much-Needed Image Change


It seems every time four white guys walk into a garage an indie band is born. Thanks to the increased accessibility we are all enjoying to music globally, the tendency of various genres bleeding into one another in this one has increased, and the vagueness of the term indie is more difficult to pin down than most.


The Difficulty in Determining Indie


While probably not the kind of music one would hear in, say, the Lucky Nugget casino Canada makes available, indie is enjoying increased popularity nowadays than ever before, even in light of the current downswing in terms of more widespread play. The standard lineup usually consists of bass, drums, and guitar, but can also include anything from synths to banjo.


Visually, However, There is a Certain Homogeneity


Although the sound of indie may vary quite widely, however, artists who do not fall into the genre’s look may well be pushed into another genre. Here we have a list of artists to break this trend! While they may not exemplify the look of indie, these bands and musicians most certainly embody its feel.






This is an indie band from England fronted by Ophelia Booth, vocalist.



  • Magnolian



Magnolian is the solo project of Dulguun Bayasgalan, from Mongolia. The name is a play on words, since it is easy to initially read it as Mongolian due to the latter word’s greater familiarity. Bayasgalan’s low, rumbling voice is reminiscent of The National when one hears it in unison with the chilled instrumentals and it might make you feel like taking a trip to Asia or a far off exotic land.



  • Run River North



Run River North is a five-piece band based in Los Angeles that incorporates violin into its folky sound.



  • Lucius



Lucius is an indie-pop band with two lead female vocals in Holly Laessig and Jess Wolfe.



  • Vagabon



The stage name of Laetitia Tamko, Vagabon sees the singer incorporating her childhood spent in the Cameroon with her move to New York City as a teengager.



  • Thao & The Get Down Stay Down



Thao & The Get Down Stay Down is an indie-pop band fronted by Thao Nguyen, and her stretched soprano guides its sound.



  • Hejira



A great option for the sound that Hejira puts out is the EP which the band released at the beginning of this  year, called the Lima Limo Company, which describes the band’s experience of Ethiopia. If you are interested, their 2013 full-length release titled Gypsy of the Soul is another great option.



  • Johnnyswim



Johnnyswim is a duo which makes for the perfect example of the question about what exactly indie is. The pair is inspired by folk, and made up of Abner Ramirez and Amanda Sudano.



  • Dream Wife



Three women make up the band called Dream Wife, and they are creating songs driven by guitar. On the track Kids you will feel the bobbing, steady rhythm carrying the song in your very bones, and they keep it light with things like fun backing in Oos, another great track.



  • Darlingside



Darlingside is a quartet which has each of the band’s members serving as a vocalist. The layers of harmony their voices have give the band a wonderfully warm and enveloping sound.

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