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Tender Glue – “With You Here”

NYC alt-folk artist Tender Glue is the project of Tom Gluewicki, who self-recorded the captivating track “With You Here” – the first single from his forthcoming album Closet Leftovers – in the closet of ...

Wild Year – “Meanwhile…(Little Spark)”

Los Angeles electro-pop quartet Wild Year craft a memorable tribute to Twin Peaks‘ tortured soul Laura Palmer with the track “Meanwhile…(Little Spark)”. Cole Morrall’s enchanting vocals glide gentl...


herMajesty – “Weightless”

herMajesty are an indie-pop act out of NYC, whose new single “Weightless” projects a post-disco backbeat with a shimmering, key/synth-laden effervescence. The hook-y refrain – “we are weightless” &...

Simon D James – “Dearest Lovely World”

Written when Simon D James was volunteering in the refugee camps of the Calais Jungle, “Dearest Lovely World” is a touching effort from the Brighton-based singer/songwriter. In his volunteer work, James recognized a...


Mouth of Ghosts – “Tonight”

Dual, concurrent vocal layers exist amidst a dark, murmuring sound on Mouth of Ghosts’ new track “Tonight”, ascending into brighter crevices for the track’s chorus, glistening with guitars and emotion. T...

Must-Haves for Home Recordings

Thanks to tech developments, session musicians have a range of options when it comes to home recordings these days. Find out what to prioritise here!


Stream: There’s Talk – ‘bathed water moon’ EP

Having been hooked already by “Give It Up” and “Soundry” in the prior weeks, There’s Talk today released their new EP, bathed water moon, which can be streamed in full above and on Bandcamp. Oaklan...
Dream-Pop + Shoegaze

Semantics – “Painless”

After impressing with the track “Acid Test” last year, and exuding a very Wild Beasts-esque sound in doing so, Birmingham-based post-punk act Semantics are at it again with new single “Painless”. It̵...


The Hails – “Younger”

Released today from Gainesville, Florida-based act The Hails, “Younger” is a sparkling new single with immediate charm. Serene vocals and quaint guitars establish the initial melody, with the vocals projecting a del...

Alex Siegel – “Headspin”

California-based Alex Siegel impressed mightily with his 2017 tracks “Good Leg” and “Easy“, reminding of Paul Simon and Cat Stevens in an easy-breezy vein of folk with lyrical power and wit. His new trac...