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Getting Listeners for New Music

The discovery of new music is a process that is highly personalised. Fans of various genres tend to find music in different ways, and age and geographical demographics also influence this process. Unless you have a major label, or even an indie with a big budget for getting your music out there, it is very difficult to get all your bases covered.

Your best bet is to focus on who is most likely to enjoy what you are creating, and focusing heavily in the areas where those potential fans will be looking for new tunes. Companies advertising real money blackjack, for example, don’t advertise where underage users congregate. They focus their marketing on the places where their potential players are most probably going to be found.

Non Traditional: Social Media Platforms

Social media is rather unique in that is not commonly classified as a means for the discovery of new music necessarily, but it is integral to your success on the majority of other platforms. There is no doubt about the fact that major streaming services, press, venues, radio stations, and other industry types will have a look at what you are doing in terms of social networking.

Instagram has established unique methods for musicians to start interacting with their fans, and is currently in the lead in terms of the discovery of music via social media, so be sure to keep up.

Music Publications and Blogs

Press is a staple of new music discovery, and remains a first resource for people looking to find out what’s coming next. But there has been a changing of the guard recently, and while press remains important, unless you are the feature of a well-known editorial piece, even top outlets are not enjoying the reach they used to.

The majority of first-rate sites are changing their approach to music coverage as a result, but a good review in a respected publication won’t necessarily become your lucky break. I would go so far as to bet that the value of press is largely related to your acquiring quotes and notice from blogs and publications in order to enhance the other elements of your overall marketing campaign, rather than employing the press to gain new fans.

Keep it Old Fashioned

At the end of the day, there is nothing that will help you as a new artist than the old-fashioned performance in a music venue, even if its in a bar at a casino or a pub backroom. Music fans are more fickle these days, and quickly move from one thing to the next. It is only the more intimate connection of musicians winning fans over in live settings that really imprint artists enough so that groups of fans follow them through thick and thin.

If you are determined to build a sustainable career in music, make sure you are good live, and always make the effort to meet and greet the fans at your shows. These kinds of encounters will combine with the memories of a knock-out performance and build a fanbase over the long-term that will evolve right along with you on your journey from release to release.

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