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Top Indie Rock Singles for 2018

Since the beginning of the new year, the indie rock scene has been flooded with a number of great tracks, and many of these have become available alongside the mention of an upcoming LP. Here are some of the best so far, in my opinion, along with info on the LPs that are set to follow.

While the bands we know and love will remain with us forever, it is always great fun to check out new sounds. In the same way that those who enjoy online casino games like Aristocrat online pokies should not limit themselves to only ever playing that company’s titles, you should expand your horizons too!

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

On the 23rd of January, the psychedelic rockers from New Zealand, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, released a new song, titled “American Guilt”. This marks the band’s first original track in 2 years. The band’s 4th album, Sex & Food, was announced as “American Guilt” was released, and it will become available on the 6th of April. The scratchy guitar riff of the new song gives rise to a metal-type sound, and the overall effect is a much heavier one -a departure from the Unknown Mortal Orchestra we know and love, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Public Access T.V.

Public Access TV is a new wave band based in New York, and they released a new track, Lost in the Game, on the 10th of January this year. This is a tune composed of upbeat melodies, and the addition of horns give it a funky feel. There is a danceability to this track that is reminiscent of disco from the early 1980s, and the brassy, jazzy hints make it a top pick in terms of tracks released so far.


Hinds, the Spanish garage rock 4-piece, released New for You on the 19th of January, and it is a taste of what’s to come from their upcoming I Don’t Run Record, due out on the 6th of April. The band called this LP the best thing they’ve ever done in a post on Facebook, and New for You is tinted with Hinds’ noisy, rough vocals and surf-rock riffs.

The Men

On the 31st of January, another New York band, the noise-rock The Men, released their single Rose on Top of the World, the 2nd from their upcoming Drift LP, due to debut on the 2nd of March. It has been a short 18 months since the band’s last album, Devil Music, but fans are not complaining!

The track has something of classic rock to it, with 80s jangles and some jammy psychedelic rock twinges too. Nick Chiericozzi, vocalist and guitarist for The Men, has stated that the song was created out of the combination of a Spanish guitar lick, a poem, a radar weather map, and a couple of other elements! Chiericozzi added that he liked the song’s title because although it immediately brought a mental image up, it remained open enough to be about anything.

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