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Archive for July 22nd, 2018

Orchid Mantis – “Sunlight”

Orchid Mantis is the very promising project of Atlanta songwriter Thomas Howard. He began the project in 2014, successfully aiming “to inhabit the edge between ambient song structures and pop songwriting, employing unusua...

Greatest Lakes – “Forest”

Divisions by Greatest Lakes Milwaukee act Greatest Lakes will be releasing their new album, Divisions, on May 4th. If its opener, “Forest”, is any indication, listeners are in for an extremely pleasurable listen. A ...


Vivian le Vavasseur – “The End of the Day”

The End of the Day by Vivian le Vavasseur In his successful pursuit of ’80s-tinged synth-pop magic on new track “The End of the Day”, Vivian le Vavasseur embraces an analogue vintage drum machine and vocal yea...

Freedom Baby – “Drag The Lake”

Eric and Brianna lead Freedom Baby, an act producing a sound that’s alive and bursting with melody on new track “Drag The Lake”. The “nine-piece orchestral pop group” seizes on Eric’s rock ba...