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Archive for July 21st, 2018

Zak Fleisher – “GLU”

Zak Fleisher is an Australian singer/songwriter, who departed the 9-5 grind of an accounting firm to craft some captivating music, stylistically in the vein of Mac Demarco on new track “GLU” and others on his Soundc...

The Mooks – “Going Steady”

As the title would imply, “Going Steady” is a throwback — specifically, with showings of rockabilly and ’50s rock. The track, recorded with producer/engineer Ewan Kay (Moon King, Austra) at Candle Record...


Nasty Magic – “Hide & Seek”

Nasty Magic – a collaborative project from Claremont, California – describe their new track “Hide & Seek” well: “like a grunge song for an aerobics class in the 1980s.” Vocal swooning &#...

Black Light White Light – “King Kong”

King Kong by Black Light White Light “King Kong” is a suave slice of psych-rock from Danish/Swedish act Black Light White Light, who will be dropping their third album Horizons tomorrow. A vibrant rhythm section and...


FMFL – “Hear My Heart”

RR018 Hear my Heart by FMFL “Hear My Heart” is a lush new single from FMFL (Functional Music for Lovers), the project of Adam Matschulat, a sound artist and producer from Sao Paulo, Brasil who has been based in Lond...

Auramancer – “Tree of Love”

With an audible fondness for ’90s alternative in the vein of A Perfect Circle, Belgian act Auramancer impress on the track “Tree of Love”. Auramancer is a project influenced by the grunge and alternative scene...