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Archive for July 22nd, 2018

Mitchell Adam Johnson – “At Another Stop”

Marigold by Mitchell Adam Johnson Minneapolis-based singer/songwriter Mitchell Adam Johnson crafts a gorgeous vein of chamber-pop with melodically captivating tendencies, his lush and entrancing vocals leading a suavely hook-mi...

Yasmine Hosseini – “sunshine”

sunshine by Yasmine Hosseini Yasmine Hosseini delivers the sort of suave, confident music you would expect from a music veteran, not so much someone who’s turning 18 this year. It’s obvious that the Perth-based sing...


Nate Head – “So Like LA”

Nate Head is a 24-year-old pop act out of Nashville, whose new track “So Like LA” shows a savvy for both atmosphere and melodic infectiousness. The track is particularly impressive at right around the one-minute mar...
Dream-Pop + Shoegaze

topographies – “pink thoughts”

Bay Area dream-pop act Topographies show a powerfully hypnotic sound on new track “Pink Thoughts”, where a jangly guitar arpeggio quickly clears the way for a shoegaze-y fuzz, and lush vocals just before the one-min...


Interview with Talk Less Say More

London-based artist Talk Less Say More just released the music video for his captivating track “Repeating“, inspired by the surrealist tendencies of director David Lynch, as well as referencing Peep Show’s Mar...