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Music of Online Casino Games

Whether it’s jazz, rock, pop, blues or country, each genre has its own fans and stars. The best managed to get immortality not only through their albums but also on the reels of their own video slot game. Approximately every star has a video slot game carrying their name. We’ve put together a list of the best music theme slot games of all times for you to enjoy.

The only thing more amazing than the number of music-themed online slots on hand for playing on the internet is the utter amount of musical genres represented in the game room: Whether your favorites tunes are straight rock ‘n’ roll, rockabilly, heavy metal, rap, jazz, opera or disco, there’s something in the directory for you at the online casino.

Do Any Bands Have Slots Based On Them?

We count at least three and, hoo boy, it’s relatively a range. Most rock ‘n’ rollers will be familiar with Megadeth, one of the renowned “hair metal” bands of the 1980s. For something lighter in tone and piece of music, there’s the British ska band Madness in an entertaining game featuring the boys’ crazy lyrics and turns of visualize.

As a final point, there’s the slot that’s probably earned more money than the band itself: Plumbo. May be you never heard of Plumbo but they’re huge in Norway and other parts of Scandinavia! To be truthful, even if, the reality of this game probably speaks more to the occurrence of gambling in the Northern lands than any recognition Plumbo enjoys…!

So What Kind Of Music Has Slot Games?

As you’d look forward to, rock ‘n’ roll games lead the way. Easy examples include Rock ‘n’ Rolls; Rockabillions; Reels of Rock; the funny animal-themed Barnyard Boogie; the bizarre sci-fi/horror crossover Creatures of Rock; Rock Star; and the seriously retro Doo-Wop Daddy-O slots. From a purely historical and/or mixtape standpoint, although, the real winner here must be Rock On! The Rock On! Slot game includes nods to KISS, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Fleetwood Mac, Jimi Hendrix and other icons of the genre is a slot that’ll induce flashbacks for sure.

Disco may be deceased, but it will stay alive at the online casinos, staying alive in a number of game titles, especially casino games won by musicians. We mainly like the classic 3 reel fruit machine Disco Slot and its rather poorly-named sequel Disco Slot 80. Also in this mix of slots one may consist of Disco Fruits and Disco Spins.

Latin rhythms have been all the rage for over a century now and slots themed on the music get play at the online casino, even if South American and Latin American countries tend to glower on gambling. Check out Samba Spins, Samba Nights, Lucky tango and At The Copa.

Jazz still gets a fair amount of play at the online casino as well; in fact, it’s pretty possibly easier to find a jazz-based slots game that to find an actual jazz show if you’re not in-the-know. Worth a look are Jazzy, Jazz of New Orleans and the still exciting Rat Pack.

Oh, let’s not forget another growing musical form within this online casino subgenre: Namely, the music reality show/talent show first made famed by “American Idol”. Online casino software designers are still producing games involving the player climbing the stepladder of recognition and he/she spins the reels of these music-themed online slots – even if the real shows have left the television schedule seemingly for good.

So, turn down the MP3 player for a while and turn up the volume at the online casino as you enjoy music-themed online slots. Whether you’re a hardcore music devotee or simply like to buzz a catchy tune once in a while, music-themed online slots are sure to entertain. Enjoy a night at the opera, jamming with a rock band or even reality show-style competition at the online casino.

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