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Archive for July 21st, 2018

Electroman – “Don’t You Worry” (feat. Sophie St. John)

Electroman’s Mood Swings has been in album in my rotation since I came across one of the album’s several highlights, its self-titled track, in December. Electroman – the project of Dallas producer Austin Ingle...

Small Talk – “Aquarium”

Essentially capturing the tranquil, blue glow of an aquarium with its gentle bass and gently trickling guitars, Small Talk’s new track – “a kaleidoscopic, explosive psychoanalysis featuring the penguins of the...


Suburban Dirts – “The Harpe Brothers Theme”

Hailing from Hoddesdon, in the English county of Hertfordshire, Suburban Dirts play a vein of rootsy Americana with captivating narratives that tend to examine the human condition. With lyrics inspired by experience, film, lite...

i2m1 – “Illusion”

i2m1 is the project of Irene Carson and Graham Gale. The duo impresses strongly throughout new album Zoo, streaming in full below. Spanning 20 tracks and ranging in stylistic tone from acoustic-led lushness (“Rusted”...


Fuzzysurf – “Hometown Feeling”

Milwaukee act Fuzzysurf will release their debut album, Hometown Feeling, on April 27th, a release they describe as a departure from previous surf-laden sounds and into a more definitive indie-rock territory. Opener “Home...

Madelin – “Roxelana” (ft. Maxo)

“Roxelana” is a very catchy electro-pop single from Madelin, featuring the remixing work of Maxo. The track escalates quickly, from laid-back vocals and hazy synth pads into high-pitched fizzy effervescence and a PC...