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What is Music?

Music is the art of organizing tones in a coherent sequence so as to produce a unified and continuous composition. Instrumental or vocal sounds posses rhythm, melody and harmony to make this happen. This is a popular dictionary definition. Below are a couple of definitions that breakdown music.


This is the element of time in music. It involves keeping the beat or following the pulse set for the music.


Melody is the part of music that focuses on the pitch. Pitch has to do with highness or lowness of a musical sound.


The texture is what makes the music good to listen to. Texture refers to the number of individual musical melodies (lines) and the relationship these lines have to one another.

The Effect of Music

Music has a large influence over the nations and people on this earth. It has been used in every culture for many different purposes. At the present day, it is being used in many hospitals to help patients relax, relieve pain, confusion and anxiety.

Music is also commonly used in counselling. Musical therapy techniques consist of guided listening or improvisational playing. Such methods are used within the context of many theories and for various types of disorders.

Throughout history, human beings have created and listened to music for many reasons. It has served to express emotions such as joy or sorrow and has done so very effectively. It has been perceived to have transcendental qualities and has thus been used in many forms of religious worship.

Physiologically music has distinct effects in many biological processes. It inhibits the occurrence of fatigue as well as changes the pulse and respiration rates. That is why it used to make real money casino games at sites such as australiancasinosites more fun.


Moreover, music is a form of communication even though it does not apply linguistic signs or symbols. It is considered to be a closed system because it does not refer to concepts or objects outside the realms of music. This sets it apart from other forms of art and sciences. Mathematics is another closed system but it falls short of music in that it communicates only intellectual meaning where music also conveys aesthetic and emotional meanings.

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