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Music- Best Selling Albums

Music sells like hotcakes. This is because it is a universal language that is understood by people from everywhere. Music can be enjoyed by anyone worldwide. As the year is still halfway through, it’s hard to actually select which album will be the top selling one for 2018. So let’s just focus on the bestselling albums of 2017, and wait to see which artists will produce killer songs for 2018.

Songs and Casino Games

A casino game is not complete without the perfect song to accompany the spinning reels. Songs like LaBamba have also been used to create best online casinos games. This equals a great time.

Ed Sheeran- Divide

According to Forbes, Ed Sheeran’s album Divide was top of the sales charts in 2017. This album sold over 6 million copies worldwide. The 16 track album has songs like Shape of You and Eraser, both excellent songs. It is no wonder that the album sold so many copies.

Taylor Swift- Reputation

Taylor Swift is a well-known songstress. She has been in music industry for over 5 years. The young musician finally managed to sing her way to #2 on the Forbes top-selling album of 2017. Her album focuses on a whole new side of Taylor Swift that the world never knew existed. With songs like Look what you made me do and Endgame, the album definitely earns this position.

Pink- Beautiful Trauma

This the 7th album by the songbird Pink. Her album sold over 1.7 million copies. The debut song for the album Beautiful Trauma was released towards the end of November 2017. The song, Beautiful Trauma was written by Alecia Moore and Jack Antonoff. The 13 track album also includes hit songs like Revenge and What about Us. Maybe one day some gambling websites will use some songs for their slot soundtracks.

Rag n Bone Man- Human

Rag n Bone Man took the music industry by storm with his single Human. The song talks about how we are all human and are prone to make mistakes. Selling over 1.5 million copies, he definitely left made his point. The album also includes the song Grace, which was a soundtrack on the hit series The Originals in season 4.


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