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Music That Your Homework Deserves: The Best Genres

When it comes to homework, you`re just trying out all life hacks that will help you concentrate. How about the best music genres?

The Best Music Genres for Your Homework

This is a situation that every school/college student is familiar with: you`re scrolling through your playlist with pure enthusiasm on your face, trying to find some more or less decent tunes to concentrate on your studying.

Okay, this one is old, I`ve listened to this one for a million times. This one is too sad. And I know all the lyrics to this one, so I`ll be singing and forget about this home assignment.

Thoughts like this are running in your head. And finally, you give up, go to YouTube, find a playlist that says “Music for studying” and decide to give it a chance.

Wait a minute! Are you sure that a person who composed this list had conducted all necessary scientific research and consulted neurobiologists and psychologists? It`s YouTube, for Pete`s sake, you can find a compilation of videos of cats wearing hats there! So that could be just a random set of all possible songs.

As a result, without help from professionals, your college homework can burst into flames. And that will be the fire of your teacher`s anger. So let`s mix up that playlist with some solid science, shall we?

We Admit It Was Predictable

Let`s just shoot with the most obvious suggestion and then proceed with more fascinating yet still effective ones.

It`s all about classical music. Could it be another way? There are many controversial scientific and pseudo-scientific articles that you can find all over the Internet, which present this genre of musical art as a universal cure for everything like depression, stress, lack of concentration, and children`s hyperactivity. There is also a theory that when a pregnant woman is listening to classical music out loud, a baby will develop better intellectual capacities. However, this myth was debunked.

What we can be absolutely sure about is that classical music is great for studying. It has a positive influence on brain`s waves and it makes you more relaxed. You can think that this is a bad thing because you need to stay sharp in order to do homework well. But when your brain is all relaxed, it feels safe, and it doesn`t get distracted that much. So, it`s a win-win.

It Can Be Delicate

We`re talking about rock. This is a surprise, right? Rock is such an energetic genre, full of sass and emotions. All those drums are awesome! But let`s not forget that it has subgenres. And the one we`re focusing our attention now is soft instrumental rock.

Lyrics often distract us. And this is one of the reasons why classical music is so great for boosting your brain. Nobody sings there!

With rock it`s a bit more complicated because you`ll hardly ever find a band that neglects lyrics. All-time favorite Beatles probably won`t be the best choice as a studying background. Instead, you can listen to solo parts of Led Zeppelin`s tunes. Those are absolutely brilliant. There is a chance that you`ll just fall into ecstasy because of this ingenious music, so always be careful with Jimmy Pages` creations.

It`s Not the Same as at a Nightclub

Electronic music can also become your great companion when it comes to studying. But please remember, these are just general suggestions. Despite the fact that they are backed up by science, they still require an individual approach.

Electronic music has a nice beat that will keep you awake. And it`s quite repetitive, so you`ll be able to put your thoughts together. You need to understand that it`s not a DJ`s set. It`s the music with more soothing effect.

However, people who are generally not into this genre won`t find the whole experience to be very productive.

This Genre Can Do Wonders

It`s good old jazz. Honestly, it`s hard to find people who would be completely reluctant to listening to jazz. It may not be your favorite style, but just admit that you still listen to it occasionally. Jazz does something inexplicable to your mind and soul. You feel a wave of energy rushing through your veins and you may even start swinging to that rhythm while working.

Yet again, it should be instrumental jazz. If you start singing along, we know what`s going to happen. You`ll end up ditching homework and decide to go Los Angeles to follow your dreams, just like those guys did in “La La Land.” This is a very possible scenario, actually.


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