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Top Options to Listen to the Music Anywhere Anytime

Do you know this terrible feeling when it seems that something is missing? This is especially true for long-distance travel when you are already tired of looking out the window and there is nothing to talk about with fellow travelers. In order not to be in this situation, you need to take music with you in a literal and figurative sense. Below you will find tips on how to do it.

Music in the Car: We Will Not Go Until You Turn On

Since the most favorite songs are usually downloaded into the phone’s memory, it makes sense to integrate it with your car. You can listen to music from your phone in the car in several different ways, using a wireless or wired connection.

Via the Transmitter

If your car has only a radio, you can use an fm radio transmitter. This will save you from having to buy expensive equipment, and your favorite music from the phone will always be with you.

Via Bluetooth

You can connect the phone to the car system via Bluetooth only if the system has a wireless module.

Via USB Cable

If your car system has the function of supporting additional drives, then you can connect the phone to it using a USB cable. With this connection, music playback control is available with the buttons on the radio.

Via the AUX Connector

To listen to music from the phone in the car, you can connect the smartphone via an AUX-AUX cable.

The connection process is the simplest. One end of the cable must be inserted into the phone’s audio connector, the other end should be inserted into the same connector on the car system. You can not control music using buttons on the radio with this type of connection.

Through CarPlay

The CarPlay function is the most modern and safe way to use the iPhone in the car, including listening to music.

The Best App for Your Smartphone

In order to be sure that the music on your smartphone is always available (regardless of your location, the availability of the Internet and mobile communications, the amount of money on the account and the weather outside the window) we suggest that you use the best smartphone application that is available at the moment.

It is very important to note that when using this application, you will never have to pay for music since it will be placed “in the cloud” legally. No advertising, micropayments or anything like that – everything is fair and transparent. This is the Google Play Music program, which is available for download and installation on the iPhone, iPad and all Android devices. After all the music is added to Google Music via the computer version, you should run the application installed on your smartphone or tablet, then log in with the same account.

As a result, all downloaded “into the cloud” music will be available for listening online at any time. Moreover, music tracks or even entire albums can be downloaded to the cache so that they can be listened to when there is no Internet connection available.

Take these tips into service so that your favorite music is always “in your pocket”!


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