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Max Polyakov: Journey from Being a Gambling Addict to a Software Engineer

software engineer max polyakov

Success journey of Max Polyakov from Poland

Max’s parents were poor and so they decided to move from Poland to the Netherlands in search of a better life. Unfortunately, they did not possess the legal documents which made it difficult for them to find good jobs. Max managed to go to school. He did well both in class and in sports. His prowess in sports earned him a scholarship at Amsterdam Institution. This was a perfect place for Max Polyakov to begin a new comfortable life. He met many successful people who greatly inspired him and he desired to be like them. One day, one of his friends asked him to join a group of gamblers.

Max Polyakov started reading online ways to gamble and actually got convinced that gambling will bring him so much money.

He even started missing lesson at the university because he wanted to rest after spending his night gambling online. Max met a pretty lady called Maria. Like Max, Maria grew up in poverty and had gotten a scholarship. Maria could work after the late night and Max used to go for a date with her nearly every night. They used to have a good time and later Maria got pregnant. Software engineer Max Polyakov did not want his child to grow up in a poor environment as he did. So, he started being serious with his studies.

Max finally graduated and found an excellent job at an IT company. He did his job perfectly that he became the top coder in his company. This led to his earnings increase and additional opportunities. Max and his small family travelled the universe and supported their parents. They even decided to have a second baby.

Max Polyakov decided to start his own engineering company. They began with little tasks however after some months, the business expanded and they began receiving big offers. After one year, they purchased a bigger house and lived there. Currently, Max is among the highest popular and outstanding code engineers. And despite all that achievement, Max still wants to achieve more.


Currently, Max Polyakov and his spouse Maria have 2 kids and they are hoping to get another one. They reside in Amsterdam together with 4 pets and everything necessary to live a comfortable life.


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