Posted November 1, 2018 by Chris in Features

Best Rappers in a Cat Fight

So the hottest story on social media is the fight that is ongoing between the two female rappers, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. Honestly, we really do not want to go on and start from when the fight started and why. But for the sake of those that do not know we will give a brief on what went down.

A couple weeks ago the 24-year-old songstress gave birth to a baby girl. Who by the way we are still trying to see, and days after Nicki Minaj was already questioning the rappers’ skills of parenting. Knowing that Cardi is the girl “from the Bronx” like she likes to put it. She really does not have time to ask how and why Nicki said that. She lets her fists do most of the talking. And so she did.Card B she is so fast with resolving issues out like casino en ligne players.

What happened after fashion week?

On the red carpet, it was chaos. Something that has never been witnessed before. And you know social media goes crazy when things like that happen. And of course, on talk shows and every other entertainment channel, it was all about that fight. But enough with the old news really. It is like last year’s NZ casino online jackpot winning numbers, it has little value.

So waking up today, Cardi B’s Instagram page was filled with videos of her addressing the issue. Oh boy! That was a lot of undressing that she did. Don’t have a dirty mind, undressing of events we mean. So she went on to shame Nicki Minaj and indirectly mentioned that she is not as good of a rapper as she claims. As on the motorsport song she had to change the verse thrice since Cardi B was not really feeling it. And to make matters worse is the last verse she only submitted a day before the song was out after Cardi B had called her to make sure that she has it done.

And concluding all this off Cardi B then said that she really is not a person who goes back and forth with an issue instead she wants something to be squashed whether they agree on never seeing eye to eye “she cool with that” as she said. As long as no one is saying things behind her back she won’t bother anyone.


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