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How to pick the perfect music for your game

One of the most important things when developing a game, whether that be a console video game, an online multiplayer game or a casino game, is deciding on the right soundtrack to accompany the game. Deciding what music is appropriate for your game and help to enhance the player experience can be very tricky, mainly because there are so many genres of music together with so many different songs within each genre to choose from. Music can make or break a game though, so choosing the right tracks is vital.

As already mentioned, it is not only video games that need to consider their soundtracks but any type of game, even online video slot games. Immortal Romance, the vampire inspired slot game, has its own soundtrack that was created by the developers own in house team. It is actually the perfect gothic inspired soundtrack, which sees the tempo and intensity of the music increase if a player hits a bonus round. Another example, is the mFortune Fruit Machine slot game, which also has a very memorable and upbeat soundtrack that is perfect for this specific game and keeps the player very engaged.

So now that we recognise how music is such an integral part of the success of any game, it is worth looking at how one goes about selecting the right soundtrack. Firstly, there should be a strong connection between the genre of the game and the genre of the music in general, as this can then enhance the experience and help to immerse the player within the game. The target demographic of the game must be considered when choosing the music, as well as their musical tastes.

You also need to choose music that has the same pace as your video game, for example you don’t want to choose a ballad to provide the soundtrack to a fast paced FPS shooter game. The mood of the music also needs to match the game and often even the specific scenes within the game, for example don’t choose uplifting happy music if the scene in the game is a dark, harrowing or aggressive one.

It is worth also trying to choose music whenever possible that doesn’t contain vocals. This is because sometimes this can distract a player from a game and they can get carried away with singing along to the music. This is especially important for games that have a narrator or commentator and also in scenes within games that require a lot of concentration to succeed.

We can actually appreciate how important the soundtrack of a game is by looking at some of the most famous game soundtracks of all time and how they really are memorable. Whenever you think of video game soundtracks one that is very likely to come to mind is the Super Mario Bros one. The opening tune for this game especially is whimsical, bouncy and a perfect tempo for playing Super Mario too and the music perfectly matches with the sound effects in the game and the game atmosphere. For example, when you go underground the music switches to a minimal beat that signals there may be danger ahead.

So the next time you are playing your favourite game, take some time to appreciate how great the background music enhances the overall gameplay and heightens your personal gaming experience. It is something that we all take for granted, but really can’t do without.


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