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The Best Pop Music of 2018 You Need to Listen to

Ariana Grande this has been your year. You have given us more pop songs to cry over and then we move on  “Thank you next.”  If you are into online games and betting with sun bingo promo code, we are sure you love listening to music while doing it. So, what were the best pop music this year?

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to the best pop music of 2018. These songs have hit the airwaves and dominated the Billboard top 100. You should definitely listen to all of them and let us know what you think.

  1. No tears left to cry- Ariana Grande.

No tears left to cry is the lead singer for Grande’s fourth studio album Sweetener. The album was released on April 20, 2018.

When No tears left to cry was released it entered the Billboard hot 100 at number three. Grande became the only artist to debut in the top ten with the lead single from her studio album. The song also won the “Best Pop” at the 2018 Music Video Awards.

  1. God’s Plan-Drake

Drake has been ruling the music airwaves in two genres: hip-hop and pop. You have to admit that the guy is really talented he can sing and rap, very few artists can do that.

God’s plan was released on January 19, 2018. It was his single from his second EP Scary Hours and the lead single in his fifth album Scorpion.

When the song debuted at the Billboard top 100, it historically became the 29th song. It also reached number one in the UK and Canada while it was top 10 in other countries.

The song received five nominations at the 2018 Music Video awards. It broke records during its release on both Apple Music and Spotify.

  1. FRIENDS-Anne Marie.

Friends were recorded by American producer Marshmello and singer British singer Annie Marie. It was released on February 5, 2018, as the second song in Anne Marie’s fifth single album Speak Your Mind.

This song has been dubbed “the friend zone” song since it typically talks about keeping it friends with someone who wants more.

  1. God is a woman- Ariana Grande.

All questions about a song’s meaning get answered once the music video is out. God is a woman typically a song about female empowerment. It is packed with symbolism and a lot of sexuality.

The song was released on July 13, 2018. It was the fifth track on Grande’s album Sweetener. When the song debuted it was at number four on the Irish Singles Chart and at number six in New Zealand.

  1. The Middle-Zedd and Marren

The Middle was recorded by Russian German producer Zedd and written by Marten Morris whose an American country music artist. The song was released on January 23, 2018, and reached the top ten charts in the US and the UK.

The song was nominated for Song of the Year at the Grammy’s.


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