Posted January 29, 2019 by Chris in Features

Great Women in Music

If you ask us, music has grown enormously. The sounds have changed and developed to suit everyone. Moreover, it makes us proud to say that the fight for the spotlight, that is gender wise did pay off after all. Back in the day, you might have noticed that men were given accreditation more than women. What people would say is that women were underrated in the music industry.

But now that they have been given the opportunity to express themselves. We should mention that they have done exceptionally well. And if you keep on reading, you will see the great things that they have achieved within the years. Some now even have real money casinos south Africa games based on them and their  work.

Women who have changed the game

It is important to recognise all the women that have come in and gone out of the industry. Each one of them has brought a different flavor altogether. And this has been a game changer in its own way. We are talking from the time of Witney Houston, with her extraordinary voice that left many with the belief that no one will outdo her.

But from that time we have had women that looked up to her who managed to take over in their own way. We are talking of the iconic Beyoncé Knowles. One woman who has taken on the challenge and become beyond amazing. Her diversity allows her to switch genres and still do justice to all, she sure has set the bar high. Did you know that at cansportsbetting.ca you can select any type of music , you would like to listen to while you playing your favourite games

The legacy lives on

From the time of Missy Elliot, Eve, Lil’ Kim a strong bold woman has come and turned the tables. Nicki Minaj has shown such excellence. Cardi B came in with a brand new attitude and personality that has made many fall in love with hip hop.

Not forgetting Dolly Parton who natured the young Miley Cyrus who has shown us that adding a bit of twist to the old country music that you know is not a bad thing. Instead, she made people dance to the looked down upon country sound.


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