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Recommended Albums from 2018

The year is coming to an end already, and we are thankful for all the good music we were given this year. We are sure you have your own favourite music to play when you play games online like roulette, right?  So, what can you listen to next year?

The Top Albums You Need to Listen To

Here is a list of the albums that was enjoyed thoroughly and will be played for many more years to come.

  1. Invasion of Privacy (Cardy B) – Cardi B made an amazing entrance, neck and neck with the already popular rappers. She is said to have a wild style and personality throughout her music videos, making her unique and much to expect from. Her album has a combination of pop rap, sing-song ballads, designer southern hip-hop and promenades.
    Her album Invasion of Privacy is a resounding answer to all those who thought a woman cannot do much in rap. 
  2. Sweetener (Ariana Grande) –This album is all about rebounding. The 25 years old singer’s voice turns the album into a charming pop and she keeps switching from cloud-pop to hip-hop throughout. Few tracks from this album, like Better off, God is a Woman, No Tears Left to Cry and Breathin’,will keep you hooked on for quite some time. 
  3. No Shame (Lily Allen) – Instead of calling Lily Allen’s album, No Shame, a break-up album, we can consider this one to be a reflection of how she looks at her life. The gap of four years and the release of Sheezus, her last album, didn’t quite do her good. However, No Shame symbolizes her return, more confident and personally involved in every sense. 
  4. Double Negative (Low) – Surprisingly, Low’s album Double Negative is quite irregular and complicating. This album combines everything together and gives you an ultimate beauty from all the unpleasantness. With 25 years of history with them, Double Negative is a total different take, however, it has received a great response from the listeners.
    The unique way of putting across isolation and anxiety is significantly evident through their lyrics, in almost all the songs. 
  5. Tranquillity Base Hotel & Casino (Arctic Monkeys) – For this sixth album, the band has made several changes to their style. This is the same band that made tons of great music, but their fans aren’t quite confident about this one though, perhaps because they were expecting an AM sequel. 
  6. Your Queen Is A Reptile (Sons of Kemet) –Sons of Kemet is a band that holds Jazz and gives it an African touch. It’s basically a diverse look of the genre, from a different perspective, giving it a whole new face.The music videos as definitely a treat to the eyes.
  7. Cocoa sugar (Young Fathers)–  Young Fathers are known for their songs reflecting a cause. Cocoa Sugar is again another musical rally venting the frustration, that needed to be out ever since Trump’s victory in 2016. The songs in the album are pretty much an anger-release, but in a much subtle way.


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