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Why Indie Music Is More Important Today Than Ever

Indie artists, or independent artists are basically musicians that have all the control to be creative in their music because they don’t have a contract with a record label. Sounds great, but these people did start their journey from the bottom! They never really know whether they have a promising future or not. Their independent music creates this creative, new side to music released nowadays. Because if all music released had to be with a record label, they’d all be slightly similar to one another.

Here’s why indie music is super important!

  • Independent Music is More Than ‘Just Music’

Indie music does not only resemble music that is created without record label contracts, they resemble a much deeper message of creativity. Indie music has the ability to break away from any rules put for famous artists because they have the space to be as creative as they want, not as the people want them to be! Many current aspiring artists have started as independent artists because they were once different to people. However, with the diversity in genres and the amount of artists here, the space for indie music to shine has become harder to achieve. The importance of them may be just music to many, but to them, it’s much more!

  • A Way of Independent Living

Part of the deeper message of indie music we mentioned earlier is also the independence of the music they create. They express what’s inside of them through their way of singing or playing an instrument without any sort of professional help, promoting the entrepreneurial spirit that’s sometimes needed. A lot of musicians walk out on record labels because of the extreme involvement the record labels force themselves to do with these aspiring indie artists. Elvis Presley and The Beatles are one of many who forced their creativity even though official record labels gave them opportunities elsewhere. That’s what indie musicians have to go through. The creation of music that must be acceptable to many people is very tiring to fight, especially in this era!

  • Competitive Music Industry

Yes, indie music has its uniqueness. However, music released through record label contracts has a much bigger chance of becoming a hit and reaching much more people than music made by independent musicians. There probably isn’t a comparison as to how things would go when indie music is released from when record labels releasing music because of how different they are. Indie music is usually released on platforms that provide a free space for people to be creative, so they reach out to potential fans there. Those who appreciate and spread indie music are a minority compared to those who listen to famous artists. This is why indie music ought to be appreciated on the platforms they’re provided on like Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and many others!

Always Cherish The Indie Music

It’s always important to make sure the unique ones out there have a platform for their creativity. Because without these independent artists, there wouldn’t be different music every once in a while that breaks the one dimensional ‘mainstream music’ that’s always trending. This is why indie music always needs its importance, specifically at this time, where a great amount of artists has their own platform and record label to prove themselves. This doesn’t give much room for independent musicians to do the same as well. Create something special from the underrated music scene you see!


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