Posted February 13, 2019 by Chris in Features

Should You Listen to Music at Work?

This has been a debate among employers for the longest time. In fact, this question has surfaced online a number of times.

The argument is that employees cannot possibly work and listen to music at the same time. They claim it is bad for morale to allow employees into their “own little worlds”.

Benefits of Listening to Music at Work

In this section, we talk about the benefits of listening to music while at work. And yes, for sports betting online casino gamblers out there, we’ve no problem at all with you listening to music as you play. This is because it puts you in a relaxing mood, which is quite beneficial to you.

For those that do not share offices with others, listening to music at work is quite welcome. Also, this goes for night shift employees. In fact, listening to music will not distract them or affect their either their skills or productivity.

Furthermore, music is known to improve one’s mood. For that reason, the employees will work to their fullest potential. As a result, production levels will rise.

Consequences of Listening to Music at Work

The truth is listening to music at work is good. However, it should not compromise safety and productivity at all. For this reason, employees should note that listening to music on their headphones could potentially damage their ears. In fact, you’re open to future noise-induced hearing loss.

Over time, listening to music on headphones could lead to hearing loss as you get older. This is because the hairs in the ear canal will stiffen, therefore blocking sounds. The louder and longer you listen on your headphones, the more you are at risk.

What is the Solution?

All employers should try “music on and music off days”. This means that you listen to music on some days and on some, you don’t. This allows you to measure the output and see what really works. Did you know that when you play casino games in newzealand you can choose which music you want to listen to

Employers should also ensure that their employees have regular hearing tests. This allows them to detect early signs of any hearing deterioration.

The above measures will ensure that your employees are protected from any ear damage.


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