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Apple Music Romantic Editions for HookupGeek Dating

Each genre of music has a different impact on the mental and physical state of a person. Ancient studies have confirmed that music affects the intellect, the human body, and our mood. The mood is a constant, continuous emotional state of a person. Our actions mostly depend on it. The power of music has been used in the commercial field. Certain melodies can relax the customer or increase his energy. This technology is widely used in supermarkets: an energetic melody plays at rush hour, at other times the music is calmer.

If you are looking for a date with a lovely girl from HookupGeek reviews, then romantic editions from Apple Music could make a certain mood. On HookupGeek you can find the best websites to find a girl that will have the same music interests as you. Or you can just find a hot girl and arrange a date with your favorite music. 

Rhythm of feelings

Sensual newcomers of pop music, Indy and R&B are regularly updated in this chart. This music can easily make a romantic atmosphere of your date, inspiring girl to the frank conversations. Make your own playlists from this edition. Here are some singles to start:

  •       Role model “Minimal”;
  •       Mack Keane “Numb”;
  •       Kiana Lede “Heavy”;
  •       Benny Mayne “Robbery”;
  •       John.k “If we never met”.

Pure Romance

Popular hits of different decades commemorated to the main feeling – love. This chart will contribute to the relations of the couple at any stage, bringing back the romantic memories. Meeting sunset with the girl who you found on HookupGeek accompanied by this chart will be a great ending of the day. Listen to your favorite music: John Legend, Savage Garden, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift are already here.

Melting sugar

Sensual R&B, balancing between bold hip-hop and aristocratic soul, increase its popularity since the 90s. Revelations of the celebrities will help to make an atmosphere of perfect summer dinner with you HookupGeek partner slowly transforming into the night of love and passion. Remember that girls from dating websites reviewed at HookupGeek are annoyed of ordinary pastime with their Exes. So, if you want your relations to develop fast, make sure that you have made an appropriate mood. Nicole Bus, Tyler Dumont, DJ Khaled, Tank and Johnny Gill will do it for you in this chart.

Slow Jams Essentials

The reverse side of R&B is a tender ballade built on the soft rhythm and masterful voice. Being born in the mid of 70s, this genre succeeded in 90s bringing a huge number of slow R&B tracks to the world. Here are some singles to make your days romantic and your nights passionate:

  •       Beyonce “Me, myself and I”;
  •       Frank Ocean “Thinkin Bout You”;
  •       D`Angelo “How does it feel”;
  •       Faith Evans “Soon as I get home”;
  •       Anita Baker “Angel”.

Although more research need to be done before we can confidently understand the influence of music on a person’s mood. However, we are convinced that music can be used “strategically”, especially when it is important to strengthen the motivation or confidence of people. For example, before going for the first date with a lovely girl found on HookupGeek. Impress her with your attitude and make sure that everything works on this goal. Let the music help you to hit her heart.


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