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How Music is Used in Casinos

When you step into a casino, you are bombarded with all kinds of sights, sounds, and smells. From the loud bells, whistles, and sirens of the slot machines to the flashing neon lights and jackpot signs, the senses get overloaded whenever you wander around a casino. Yet one thing that many punters fail to notice is the music playing in the background. 

This is no accident, as the music in a casino plays a very important role that most people aren’t aware of. In fact, the music used in casinos is carefully curated and chosen for a specific reason, as the impact that music has on people gambling in a casino is very apparent – even if the music itself is much subtler.

The Importance of Background Music 

Casinos use background music to help influence the habits of people inside. This is because background music has a known psychological effect on consumers, which is why you’ll find it in every retail store and countless other business premises including casinos. 

Background music subtly influences the way we act, so in a casino this means influencing gamblers to act in a way that the casino wants, namely spending more time gambling. So, the background music in a casino is carefully selected to influence how we act, with different types of music having different effects on patrons. 

The Types of Music Used in Casinos 

There are different types of music played in casinos but there are some more commonly used than others.. The main goal of music in a casino is to create the perfect ambience for gambling, which is why the music is soothing, relaxing, and easy on the ears. 

Low Tempo Music 

By playing easy listening music in the background of a casino, customers are made to feel much more comfortable. The music helps soften the harder sensory experience of a casino, making all the loud noises, flashing lights, and crowds of excited gamblers seem less taxing on the senses.

In doing so, people playing casino games are much likelier to remain there and gamble for longer. The idea of casino music is basically to make a person feel comfortable enough that they continue gambling for as long as possible. Indie updates also make the process of finding music for casinos easier.

The music is usually smooth and low tempo, helping to create that relaxing ambience that encourages people to stay for longer, making them more likely to continue gambling. This works in favour of the casino, as the more time spent inside the more the odds favour the house. 

Up Tempo Music 

Not all casino music is chosen to create a relaxing ambience, as there are other psychological effects that different music can achieve that will also work in favour of the casino. For instance, when the music is faster and up tempo, it has a more exhilarating effect of people playing games.

When listening to fast paced music in a casino, people tend to place bets much quicker, reflecting the pace of the music itself. Of course, a casino always wants you to place as many bets as possible, which is why up-tempo music is often played in the background to encourage this behaviour. 


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