Posted July 15, 2019 by Chris in Features

Should Music be Censored?

Music is the universal language that can be understood by all people. And due to this reason, it has become one of the most powerful and most influential things to human beings, it has become has powerful that there have been cries that it should be censored. While others feel that we should just let the rhythm be and go with the flow. 

Yes, It Should Be Censored

Parents from all around believe that music should be censored for several reasons. One of the reasons is that music censorship will reduce the number of suicide attempts. This is as they are quite a number of songs that talk about someone killing themselves or others. Music must be safe just like UK online slots, not everyone can just play

Another reason why people believe that music should be censored is that it will reduce the exposure to drugs and sex. Many videos of the songs that go viral have people taking drugs and having sex. Therefore, people believe that censoring those songs will reduce exposure to these acts. 

With the consort ship of music, people also believe that the songs will become better. This as the censorship will force producers to release songs that are more child and teenage friendly. 

No, It should not be Censored

While many believe that music should be censored there are also those who believe that music should not be censored. The major reason for this is that the censorship of music is not always the solution. Furthermore, censorship will only lead to people listening to the songs behind closed doors. 

Another main reason why people do not want music to be censored is that it’s good for a purpose. Imagine playing online casino or  placing more bets without any music in the background.

Another reason why people are not for music censorship is that it keeps children from the truth. I mean, they make children guitar sizes for a reason. Music has always been used as a way that people communicate and say out the truth. Therefore, censoring it will keep the truth hidden. 


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