Posted August 30, 2019 by Chris in Features

Nostalghia The Undiscovered Queen of Indie Music

Some may have never hear of the raven haired beauty to have created magical music and this is really no surprise as we had to search for a while to locate her online portfolio. Others may have Googled her after seeing her performance on the second release of John Wick. She was the beauty on the open arena close to the end of the movie. Unlike searching for a UK registered casino, Nostalghia is much more difficult to find, and that is why we think she is one of the most underrated talents that needs to be discovered. 

The young talent released her first full album in 2014 named Chrysalis. Where she gained more international attention was through her performance on John Wick: Chapter 2 and the two songs which can be heard in the movie were performed by her on stage and co-written by her. 

Her next defining moment was in 2018 when she released her single ‘Little White Moment’. But even now, after her performance on the movie and a few successful releases, she still maintains a modestly low profile with only 35K followers on Instagram. 

Her exotic look stems from her genetic inheritance of both her mother and her father. Her father has Russian blood coursing through his veins while her mother is from Persian decent. Hers was a tale of heart break and sorrow after finding herself on the streets shortly after high school, but this is where her passion for music came from, when she broke into a piano room only later to call it home. She began playing the piano and guitar which is what honed her voice into such a lyrical sound. 

Ciscandra Nostalgia once said in an interview that nothing meant more to her than being authentic, which explains her music. She is poetical and with a streak of sadness she comes across entirely mystical. She has said that her Iranian uncle exposed her to music and that is when she began putting her poems into lyrical form.

When Nostalgia speaks of her music she mentions the challenges she had to face and how it changed her perspective. She said that the music industry is challenging, especially being a woman, and that more often than not you need to be willing to change your niche to bring food on the table. 

The indie world of rock is as unique as it is competitive. It is women like Ciscandra Nostalgia who change the game and keep it unique. This beautiful and talented singer, song writer and poet knows what she wants and how to get it. Although she has yet to be discovered by the right brand, she relentlessly enjoys making the music she loves to hear. We think it’s only a matter of time before the perfect label swoops her up and allows her to perform what her heart desires most, her own unique and authentic music which we fell in love with whilst watch John Wick: Chapter 2. 


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