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5 Defining Indie Rock Albums

It can be difficult to define indie rock as a genre, but that does not diminish its quality and popularity. In this holiday season, it is easy to get a promo code to one of your favorite rock albums too. So, which one should you buy?

Here are five defining Indie Rock albums:

  1. Arcade Fire: Funeral

When Arcade Fire first came out with this album, they probably did not expect Funeral to have become such a cult classic. If you listen to Funeral, you will find yourself giving in to the sentimentality of each song. The specialty of Arcade Fire lies in the fact that they do not make any song melodramatic but are able to retain the emotional core nonetheless. 

When Butler croons about loss, youth, and love, you will feel yourself moving in and out of the rhythm. Songs like “Laika” and “Power Out” are known for their speed and energy. On the other hand, “Wake Up” and “In the Backseat” are popular among fans because of the sheer beauty of the compositions.

  1. Alvvays: Antisocialites

When you listen to Antisocialites, you will realize that Alvvays reached their legendary status in the music world because of their impeccable songwriting ability. You will learn to appreciate the warm synth sheen that they add to their songs the more you listen to them. This Toronto-based band infuses rich guitar sounds into their songs. They are open to the idea of evolving and growing with their music, and that reflects in their songs. When you listen to “Plimsoll Punks”, you might feel as if it is a fuller version of “Next of Kin.” Alvvays figured out how to improve in every aspect after their debut album.

  1. Bloc Party: Silent Alarm

Bloc Party is one of the best Indie rock bands to have ever graced the music scene. “Silent Alarm” has all the features of a traditional rock album, and all of them are enhanced by its association with the indie genre. If you listen to this album today on headphones, you will find the note choices fascinating. Kele Okereke’s moody chanting in “So Here We Are” emerging as the dominant sound is interesting, but it is the combination of Okereke, Matt Tong’s impactful drums and Russell Lissack’s guitar edge that truly set the band apart. Songs like “Helicopter” and “Like Eating Glass” are popular even now.

  1. Father John Misty: I Love You Honeybear 

If you have been enchanted by Tillman’s voice before, then you know where the appeal of this album lies. His creative persona is a reflection of the different facets of his actual self. You can detect a combination of both the hippie-rock satirist and the soulful balladeer in this sings. The album strikes the perfect balance between the cartoonish character and real life. Honeybear brings forth an enigmatic split personality as he tries to strike a harmony between his optimistic and cynical self. Tillman in this album is in a ruminative mood but offers sudden flourishes.

  1. LCD Soundsystem: Sound of Silver

In this album, LCD Soundsystem dwelled on ideas such as ennui, lack of identity and lost direction. The album has a meditative approach. “North American Scum”, “Someone Great” and “New York, I Love You”, are some of the most popular songs of the album.

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