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Drake’s Poker Connection

The world of Hip Hop & Rap has dominated the music industry for many years and one artist who is classed as a true legend in these genres of music is Drake. Drizzy Drake first burst onto the music scene in 2007 with his R&B inspired mixtape ‘Room for Improvement’. This well-developed mixtape featured various different sounds and collaborations from big artists such as Trey Songz and Nicki Minaj who both featured on smash hits off the mixtape that went onto chart highly.

In 2008 Drake was making noise in the streets all over the world with his music being played pretty much everywhere and all of this attention led to Rap pioneer Lil Wayne tuning in and offering the young Drake a record deal with Young Money Entertainment who at the time were the biggest rap label in the world! This as certainly a big turning point for Drake and his career definitely started to properly take off after this move with several top albums being produced under Young Money Entertainment that went on to do very well. 

With a net-worth of around $150 million, it is fair to say that Drake has truly made it and cemented himself in the legendary ranks amongst artists such as Tupac and Nas. In September 2018 the Canadian superstar splashed out $7,000,000 on a Toronto mansion that includes a full sized basketball court, cinema, tennis court and a swimming pool! Drizzy really does love his crib and his famous pals are usually spotted chilling there on a frequent basis with big names like Lebron James, Kendrick Lamar and Kylie Jenner heading over to the Drizzy Manor for a good time with the ‘One Dance’ hitmaker. 

Drake is a lad who works extremely hard and for the past 10 years he has been at the top of his game, producing hit after hit and album after album at an exceptional standard. Having toured all around the world and selling out shows within seconds, it is fine to say that Drake has managed to stay consistent and because of this he will certainly be going down in history as one of the greats when he decides to say goodbye to music.

Due to the fact that Drizzy is always working to make sure he is one step ahead of everyone else, this tremendous superstar needs time to relax and because of this he has decided to take up some hobbies that he says help him take his mind off things when he needs a break. There is no hiding the fact that Drake is a huge basketball fan and his favourite team is the Toronto Raptors, which of course you would expect from someone who is a patriotic Canadian! Drizzy can often be spotted at Raptors games on the sidelines cheering his team on and he admitted that he has so much love for the team that he has even decided to put the Raptors logo on his basketball court in his house! Impressive right! 

Apart from Basketball, this global superstar is known for being a passionate a betting fan and in his spare time he can be spotted in top casinos all over the world, splashing out racks of money for him and his clique! When he can’t really be bothered to go out to a casino, Drake admitted that he opts to take advantage of online betting which can be done from the convenience of his smartphone, tablet or laptop and one of his favourite sites to bet with is MaxFreeBets. 

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