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Deciding Between Music and Casino Opportunities

Pursuing a music career is exciting because it opens the mind to a fun lifestyle. But it’s usually not an easy challenge to pull off because of the massive competition. Some people might wonder: are the odds better at winning money from an online casino than earning a living from uploading songs to music streaming services?

Odds of a Successful Music Career

The term “success” can be defined many ways, but let’s just say it means earning enough money so that you don’t need a regular day job. The most reliable way to earn money with music is performing frequently at local venues. It’s possible to host an open mic night and earn more money than most local performers. This type of pro usually knows how to play hundreds of cover songs.

Another way to earn a living playing music is to teach music classes. These days it’s even possible to create online courses and teach students all over the world. If you teach students every day you can earn an impressive income. The key is to be proficient and knowledgeable about an instrument.  

While playing live and teaching are both careers that can be achieved by musicians who set goals, getting signed to a major record deal is a much less calculated career path. Odds say the common musician will likely not be signed unless they are connected to the industry or perform at an advanced level.

Even artists that do get signed often start complaining they don’t have artistic freedom or complete control of their music. That’s why so many indie artists go the DIY route instead without even thinking about labels. Remember there are 3 giant labels that dominate the charts and thousands of smaller labels that don’t have well known artists. 

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Winning at Online Betting

The odds of winning something online such as through a site like GetLucky online casino are actually better than getting a major record deal.  The site provides access to hundreds of games that allow you to play for fun or money. The site also gives you free spins and other rewards once you become a member. Since there’s no risk in playing for fun, it’s possible to get more enjoyment out of online games than spending that same time trying to market your songs to the music industry. You can Open an account on Genting Casino and learn how music can make a huge difference, as it  influences and effects your mode and focus, while playing, for the best.

Gambling vs. Making Music

When you gamble you are enjoying yourself, whereas promoting music is actually work. If the question is about which one gives you the better chance at steady income, the answer is teaching music and playing gigs. But if in the big picture the goal is to get rich, both paths are long shots, but online gambling has the edge. 

With online gambling all you have to do is become a member of an online casino then play right here. Yes, you’ll probably burn cash more than earn it, but the same is true with planning a music career. Whether your act is local or goes national, it costs money to invest in musical gear and recording.

Imagine spending $20,000 on a recording that doesn’t sell versus the same money in gambling. As crazy as it sounds, you have a better chance at turning that money into bigger wealth from gambling. The difference, though, from a musical creator’s perspective, is once you record your masterpiece, it’s a part of history forever, even if it’s only ever heard locally.

Keeping the Music Dream Alive with Streaming

Selling digital music is something indie artists have done online for about two decades, yet the top of the charts is still dominated by major labels. It’s still possible for someone to take a song from their bedroom to national consciousness if enough influencers promote your song. These days 80% of music revenue for recordings comes from streaming. 

The key for indie artists is to get hundreds of curators who craft playlists for Spotify and Apple Music to list their music. While it’s possible to purchase positions on playlists, this practice is frowned upon by Spotify. Being part of a large network or online community allows for the best change for songs to go viral. Last century this option simply wasn’t available for indie artists. 


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