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Famous singers in Las Vegas

The famous city in Nevada’s desert was always a pilgrimage site for those eager for some wagering plus good entertainment. If gambling is that course de resistance, then a quality performance is a side dish and a trademark of Las Vegas nightlife, much like the enticement to play roulette online. Many legends left their mark with their appearances while some even become regular singers, thus embedding themselves into a legend and mystic of Las Vegas.

Frank Sinatra

One of the first singer superstars in this business put Las Vegas on a map by becoming a regular performer from the early 1950s up until his death. His charisma had some undeniable magnetism that left no one immune and that is the reason why he is popular even to this day. As his career took off during the 1960s, he made Vegas his headquarters where he felt most adulation from his avid fans, some who opt to visit this site. Even today when someone thinks about Vegas, he thinks about that golden age of Frank Sinatra and the Rat pack.

Elvis Presley

The King took things to another level when he decided to grace this city with his presence. He was treated like royalty, living inside a lavish penthouse suite while earning more than a $100,000 a week for his magic performance. There was no shortage in demand for Elvis and he knew how to capitalize that. He gave his last show in December 1976, thus ending an era in a history of music.

Lola Falana

One of the first Afro-American superstars that conquered this sin city came from humble beginnings before rising to stardom. Her energetic appearances made her America’s sweetheart and she was named the queen of Las Vegas. She was also one of the first Afro-American entertainers who was labeled as the highest-paid one, thus paving that road for other talented Afro-Americans in the business.

Celine Dion

Canadian superstar made Caesar’s Palace her permanent residence as she spent years giving concert tours with more than fifty performances each year on average. This top real money casino which is famous for its lavish interior was the only place fitted for a magnificent singer like Celine who gave her last performance in June 2019 after a 16-year long run in Caesar’s.

Tom Jones

Tom Jones is one of those guys who never gets old while constantly keeping the level of his craft sky-high. He was always able to adjust himself toward new younger audiences who never lost interest in his music. He became regular after his first performance in infamous Flamingo hotel in 1967 when he ignited that flame which burns until this day. After more than forty years spent within sin city, he decided that enough was enough before he started touring again all around this globe to the delight of his fans.


Stars emerge and shine upon us before fading away and drifting into a legend. Times change and some new performers take those spotlights. Old-school casino becomes instant withdrawal casino while streaming becomes as popular as live concert events. Only Vegas remains and its spirit lives on in eternity.

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