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The Psychology Behind the Kind of Music Played in Casinos

It is hard to find a casino floor that runs empty even on the weekdays. Even if you do not find the casinos bubbling with people moving around from one table to another and from one slot machine to the other, there will always be a decent number of people playing their favorite casino games on all days in the week. Everything that makes a casino, from its architecture to the floor design, are carefully built to keep their potential customers engaged in the games and so that they keep coming back for more. The factors that make up a casino are more psychological than just pertaining to the creative agencies of people. The architecture and the music played in a casino are just tricks of the trade to keep the customers engaged in playing their favorite games. We are hence going to look into the psychology that runs behind the kind of music played in casinos, so that the next time you plan on visiting a casino, you know what you are signing up for. 

The Purpose of Music in Casinos in Its Initial Days:

When the casino industry had only started to grow, the music inside the casinos was played for the purpose of keeping the customers relaxed and entertained. However, a series of studies were then conducted in the late 19th, and the early 20th centuries, that revealed specific ways in which different genres of music influenced the behavior of people inside the casinos. Therefore, these inferences started to be used more strategically to understand consumer behavior and play music in the casinos that could tweak the business of casinos. A lot of research has been put into understanding the right kind of music that should be played inside the casinos, and the results have been astonishingly positive. 

Music Alters the State of the Human Mind:

If you have ever visited a land-based casino, you will understand what we are trying to deal with here. It is impossible to find a casino that does not have music playing in the background. Depending on the type of the games being played and the time of the day, casinos tend to play the kind of music that would keep their customers from moving out of their floors.

Music is known to have a great impact on the human mind. And that is probably why music therapy exists. Different kind of music has a different impact on the mind of human beings. Casinos place their faith in ethereal instrumentals and trance music which lingers on the minds without making their presence felt. They shall always be there in the background, nudging the players to take up more casino games. This move by the casinos is purely psychological and strategic.                      

The Music Played in Casinos Often Lead to a Compulsive-Gambling Behavior:

A compulsive-gambling behavior might not sound like an amazing habit to build for humans, but the kind of music that plays in the casino often leads to the players developing this habit. Compulsive-gambling is observed in two different ways in casinos under the influence of two types of music- low-tempo music and high-tempo music.

It has been observed that people take their own sweet time and are quite persistent with the casino games they indulge in while listening to low-tempo music. It has also been found that people tend to place a larger number of bets and in higher amounts. Whereas on the other hand, listening to high-tempo music led to the players reacting to the stakes much faster than ever before. The compulsive-gambling behavior of gamblers, under the influence of high-tempo music, was more intense. The development of the habit of compulsive-gambling is also the reason why people have taken to online gambling sites like the www.onlinegamblingtexas.com to appease their gambling spirits without having to fall prey to problem gambling. These online gambling sites allow you the convenience and liberty to choose the amount of time you would want to invest in playing the games. You can also pay close attention to your budget constraint without being manipulated by any kind of music. The perks of online gambling sites have resulted in the growth of more sites, and people have turned mainly to them to keep themselves entertained. 


Music has a way to form, break and change habits. They have a massive impact on the minds of human beings which further, leads to the determination of human behavior. Therefore, it needs little mention that the multi-billion industry of casinos would use this trick of the trade to make more business and mint money by the hour. Once casinos understand the psychology that runs behind music and consumer behavior, they shall be able to reach their target and keep people coming back for more casino games. 


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