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Interesting Facts about Music

Music is one of the things that can keeps on growing. It is one thing that will never be timeless. And because of that there is so much about music that we do not know. That is why today we want to look at some very interesting facts about music.

Music Facts

The Genres

Did you know that we have over 51 different genres of music? And we are sure that you can find almost all these different music genres in different big win in casino games. Some of the genres of music are:

  • Bluegrass
  • Electro
  • Dubstep
  • Music of Africa
  • Easy Listening, to mention but a few.

The Emotion 

Music has been known to evoke different emotions in people. However, did you know that there are some people who feel nothing towards music? Such that no matter how sad or how happy the song is, they will feel nothing. 

Helps Plant Growth

 As we said, we are looking at interesting facts about music. And did you know that music helps plants grow faster? Classical music to be specific can help plants grow faster. This was discovered after a study was carried out in 2007.

The Reason Why We Play Loud Music in Bars

One would assume that the reason why bars and public places play loud music is so that people can hear it from all corners of the room. However, this is not the case, as a study carried showed that playing loud music in bars will make people drink more alcohol in less time and play real money casinos online games 

It was part of the Olympics

At some point in life music was an Olympic sport. This was from 1912 to 1948.  Music, painting, poetry, literature and architecture were all Olympic events at the above-mentioned period of time. 

Improves Cow Milk Production

Another interesting fact about music that it helps in the production of cow milk. A study carried out discovered that cows will produce more milk when listening to relaxing music. 


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