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Music Education – Best Places to Get a Music Bachelor’s Degree in 2020

In general, music programs focus on the historical, theoretical and technical aspects of music and its interpretation. Music is an interdisciplinary field, both for the ambitious academic and for the aspiring professional musician.

Today, Canada has a high level of education because they consider learning to be very important, which is why their education system has been developed in such a way that it is classified as the first level. It is a wonderful country, it provides a safe educational environment, and that is why the UN has classified it as one of the best countries to reside.

If you are planning to get a music bachelor’s degree in 2020, next you will find where to get it.

  1. Carleton University

Do you like music and want to transform it into your work in the future? Then Carleton University has everything you’re looking for to make your dreams come true.

The study program of this prestigious Canadian university (located in Ottawa), provides the Bachelor’s degree in Music with a complete study program on instruments of different genres and their history. Also, you will have hours of practice, music history starting from the Middle Ages to our times, composition, etc.

The teachers in charge are highly qualified in different musical traditions and provide students with individual interpretation instructions. In this sense, students finish their degree very prepared to easily enter a competitive labor market.

In order to be admitted, you must go through an audition with your desired instrument to demonstrate your knowledge. On the other hand, you must also submit documents like essays. If you don’t know how to write them, you can contact specialized online services like scamfighter.net, where you will get speedy papers in a timely manner.

This degree has a duration of 4 years, and the classes start in September 2020.

  1. McMaster University

McMaster University is part of the Faculty of Humanities and is located in Hamilton, Canada. This University offers a Bachelor’s degree in Music with a 4-year educational program, which begins on September 8, 2020, and you have time until April 1 to submit your application.

As part of the application, you must write an essay but if the writing is not your forte, you can contact professionals. If you have doubts, you can check the writing services company reviews where customers leave their opinions about it.

As for the McMaster University study program, you will get hours of practice, music history, acting, and much more.

  1. Mennonite University

This prestigious Canadian University is located in Winnipeg. Here, you will get a Bachelor’s degree in Music, and its study program lasts 8 months. The start date of classes has not been established yet.

This career offers students a rigorous curriculum consisting of musicology, history, and others. Graduates finish their studies very well-prepared to face any job competition.

You will have the possibility to choose a specific orientation, that is, if you want to receive a degree where you can work as a music professional in the school environment, congregational settings, in the music production business, in the music composition, music administration, etc., and different music styles or genres. Also, you will be able to compose your own music as a solo musician.

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