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It’s Your Play: The Best Casino Themed Songs

Like a catchy song that sticks, New Jersey Online Casinos are here to stay. And like a New Jersey Online Casino, a catchy song will have you going back for a repeat performance again and again. So, with both casinos and songs a prominent part of our lives there must be a host of casino themed songs out there that we can celebrate. Just think of the stories of love and loss, victory and tragedy, drama and joy that comes from placing a bet. Here we explore the world of gambling based songs and offer you insight into the two worlds.

Viva Las Vegas – Elvis Presley

It had to be. The king of Vegas and of songs should take the top spot in our rundown of casino themed music. Viva Las Vegas is also the most toe-tapping betting song on the planet and if your party is lacking a little oomph, this will get it going again.  The song is a celebration of what happens on a night out in the gambling capital of the world with the blackjack table and the roulette wheel, with that fortune, won and lost.

Waking up in Vegas – Katy Perry

We will not apologise for offering Vegas-inspired titles for our first two recommendations. Where else in the world marries the razzle-dazzle of gambling and music so well in one place? Waking up in Vegas celebrates the morning after the glossy night before when you suddenly find yourself married and dressed up like Elvis.

Luck be a lady – Frank Sinatra

The other undisputed king of the tune, alongside Elvis, Sinatra personifies the glamour of the world of gambling and song. His smooth rendition of Luck be a Lady is iconic in the Vegas of the 1960s. However, rather than flirting with a beautiful woman, Sinatra is trying to charm luck into being on his side. I wonder how many gamblers around the world have attempted to strike a similar deal with fate as they have played?

Poker Face – Lady Gaga

You gotta love a little Gaga, she is the boss of a great tune. This uplifting song focuses on the meeting between love and gambling and the risk you take in each. As the lyrics pronounce, “if it’s not rough it isn’t fun” – Lady Gaga seems to like living and loving on the edge.

The Gambler – Johnny Cash

Come on now! Elvis, Sinatra and now Johnny Cash all in the same rundown of songs! Gambling really does inspire the tune mongering of some of the greats of the business. This is one cool song – delivered in Cash’s super intense and cool tones. He tells the story of a mysterious gambler who the singer meets on a train and learns all his wisdom on this trip. This song championed the famous lines “you gotta know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to walk away and know when to run” – genius!

Snake Eyes – Mumford & Sons

The old snake-eyes of the dice. Mumford and Son, in their folksy way, warn about the danger in the eyes – whether it is the woman or the dice – we are left to wonder. The band makes a big deal about the risks we play in life – with the image of the snake eyes not only being the lowest score of the dice and so really bad luck but also a sign of an untrustworthy person. Clearly, there is a crossover between the betrayal of our luck when the role doesn’t go our way and the impact of someone going against us. You sense this songwriter gambled on love and it came back and stung him hard, like the venom of a snake.

Casino Boogie by The Rolling Stones

Ah The Rolling Stones… another iconic name of pop music. The Stones, as they are widely known, are a British band that was most famous in the 1960s and 70s but recently released new music to much critical acclaim. Casino Boogie is not a standard stones title but it was recorded in Keith Richards’ villa in the South of France. It marked a period in the band’s life when they would sleep all day and play the casinos of Monte Carlo by night. The lyrics of the song are a little random but so was the life of the band at this time. The band admit to just writing a host of phrases on pieces of paper and then randomly collecting them together in a song. They have probably caused much heartache to music academics over many years with this song writing strategy.

The Winner Takes it All by ABBA

Ah, if only the ABBA song was every night at the gambling table. The winner walks away with the prize – and ABBA doesn’t just mean the money from the pot. This is a love song about the winner also being the one who takes the love too. Isn’t it always the way – that those shaking the dice and cheering a win also have a few beautiful men or women hanging off their every word. Life isn’t fair – but then this is gambling – who says it needs to be fair!

Ace of Spades by Motorhead

It is about time to bring some heavy beats and head rocking to this sedate list. The night in the casino is not some coll, smooth, toe-tapping experience – oh no – this is a time of adrenalin-fueled heart-racing edge-of-the-seat hardcore action. Motorhead do it best when they sing about the Ace of Spades – get moshing at the card table!


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