Posted July 24, 2020 by Chris in Features

Free Music Apps That You Can Use on Your iPhone This Year

Although online jeu en ligne mobile gaming is a lot more convenient, it can be hard to find the best app that you can use for your iPhone.  After being used to the freedom that an android phone gives you, it might be hard to get used to how picky iPhones can be.

But, this article is going to be showing you that you can still get to easily download songs on your phone without having to use iTunes. And, the best part is that the different applications come for free too.

Freegal Music

The Freegal Music app comes with a lot of convenience and when it comes to listening and downloading music for iPhone users. But, you must be using the iOS 7.1 version or anything that came after that. The best part is that the app also allows you to share your with friends and create playlists of your favourite picks.


The Pandora app can only be used by those who have the iOS 7.0 version or better versions. And, the bonus is that you can even get to listen to your favourite radio online as well, including those that recommend to buy crypto currency.  But, besides that the app allows you to save your songs and play them offline without having to buffer them.


Spotify is one of the most popular music applications that you can find right now. And, you can get to use it if you are using the 8.2 iOS versions or better. The App will allow you to stream music for free and also listen to your favourite radio shows. Additionally, the app comes with so many song choices to pick from.


The iHeartRadio app has a lot of song choices that you can pick from. But the app is only available for those that have the iOS10.0+ version, it’s a version that allows you to play gambling with real money. The application can be downloaded for free, but you can get even more fun and better music choices if you are using a paid account.


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