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Playing along with the ultimate heavy metal songs

Different things for everybody are meant by heavy metal. Maybe it is just how you fight against dominant ideologies, social norms, and institutions. Perhaps it is how you deal with pent up aggression and energy. It could be precisely how you rebel against your parents. Or maybe it is as easy as the way you deal with this shitty world and nothing else matters.

As a small reason for the next list, I will not be including some metal songs outside the tight genre. That suggests absolutely no power, thrash, or maybe glam metallic songs unless they specify that serious metallic audio (Sorry, Metallica!). Those lists can come later. A band will only be showcased on this summary ONCE. Also, I will not be going by most ground-breaking heavy metal songs; that is a different list entirely! Lastly, your favorite heavy metal song may not make a list. Remember to be respectful and also leave a comment with 15 heavy metal songs. Today, with no further ado, we need to start.

  1. Black Sabbath – Hell and Heaven (1980) 

No extensive metal checklist will be complete with no Black Sabbath. And while Ozzy’s work with them certainly paved the way for lots of later bands, Dio says the number one area with this large metal classic, Hell and Heaven. The song includes various fantastic bass lines and also an entertaining overarching theme. A song about the dichotomy between evil and right – the point that we’re all effective at both – is undoubtedly astonishing. The lyrics are certainly the very best ones written in the story of heavy metal.

  1. Judas Priest – Beyond the Realms of Death (1978) 

Judas Priest could well be the greatest serious metallic band of all of the precious time. They have recently been nominated for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and a valid reason. Between a slew of ballads, massive metallic anthems, and glam like songs, Priest have experimented with nearly any good they can get their hands on. Sometimes the natural leather and chains/spike appear associated in the genre originated with Priest. As a result, they might ideally be the most influential of all the metal bands.

  1. Yngwie Malmsteen – Rising Force (1988)

I used to be extremely partial against Yngwie Malmsteen. Of course, he’s among probably the fastest guitar players in the world, and his stuff is neoclassical inspired, but Malmsteen comes with an inability to delay on the guitar. He appears to favor overblown and extended guitar solos through the singers he often employs. But these days, I have recognized that Malmsteen has authored among the three best heavy metal songs of all time.

  1. Diamond Head – Am I Evil? (1979)

When most people bring to mind Am I Evil? it is typically Metallica’s cover that comes to mind. 4 years in advance, although, happens when Diamond Head released the beast of a track. While not as intricate as Deep Purple’s Highway Star, Am I Evil? Tests with various time signatures, a combination of heavy palm muting and straightforward punk like power chords to create a distinctive sound of the band.

What cements the song’s history is a yet head banging verse riff, which never lets up. And so much so, in reality, it’s utilized to stop the song.


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