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What is Lightroom and How Does It Help to Edit Photos

Lightroom is the main program right now that professional photographers use to edit their photos. Photography became a completely different art form thanks to digital programs such as Photoshop and Lightroom. For music and concert photographers, the program can be very useful.

Now, the way you are able to get creative and express your unique style is through photo editing. Lightroom is created specifically for that. The possibilities to edit your photos are endless. From the tone curve to Lightroom presets that allow you to create a specific style within seconds. 

It has never been as quick and easy to edit photos that it is now. You don’t need to have extensive photography knowledge in order to achieve beautiful results.

What is Lightroom? 

In short, Lightroom is a professional photo editing program that allows you to completely transform your images. You can change the photo’s exposure, make it sharper, increase its shadows, mid-tones, whites, and blacks. Basically, you can transform the whole picture altogether by adjusting its colors and tones. 

There are so many different things that you can do with Lightroom. From changing the perspective to use the selective tool and editing specific parts of the images. All the options that you can select from make Lightroom special. 

How Does Lightroom Help to Edit Photos? 

Digital photography took everyday photos to the next level. With the help of editing, you can create spectacular images just by taking them with your phone. You can use the tools that professional photographers use to achieve stunning images. The mobile part of editing software is free and the possibilities done with it are pretty much limitless. 

Lightroom gives you an opportunity to express your own creativity and to customize your images to your liking. It’s a fun and creative outlet that helps you tell the story not only with the help of photos but also by adjusting their colors. 

You can create a dreamy looking photo by lifting its blacks or a strong and interesting image by boosting clarity and contrast. It has become an interesting storytelling tool. 

What are Lightroom Presets? 

Lightroom allows professional photographers to create preset settings that can be later applied to all of the images. This makes your photos editing consistent and also allows everyone to enjoy a professional edit without having to know all the intricacies of editing. 

With Lightroom presets you can edit your photos quickly and efficiently. More than that, you can get a professional edit with a click of a button. Professional photographers create presets for themselves to make their editing process quicker. 

On top of that, you can choose the photo editing style that you like and get the wanted edit simply through a mobile preset. Lightroom is great because it works both on your computer and your phone. You can easily edit your pictures on the phone and have them synced to the computer and vice versa. 

Which Lightroom Presets Work Best? 

You can find more than eighty Lightroom presets at 123presets.store. High contrast, vibrant, dark and moody, bright and airy, minimal, nude, vintage, and so many other styles. Before choosing the right preset for you, you may want to decide which style you like the best. 

Once you know whether brighter or darker presets capture your attention, it becomes a lot easier to choose. It’s best to keep your main style consistent. You can change presets and experiment with those. However, your Instagram will look the best if your main theme will stay the same. 

Another thing that is important is how many presets you get with one purchase. 123presets.store always includes multiple presets so that you could use different ones in different lighting conditions. For example, depending whether you take photos indoors or outdoors. 


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