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When Music and Games Collide: Is Indie Music the Future of Gaming?

Music and gaming combined have always worked and both just really go well together. Just imagine playing your favorite games without any music. That’s just utterly boring and you’ll most likely stop playing a game that doesn’t have any music on it.

Music used in games depends on what the game wants you to feel and how the developers want you to act and feel towards the game. Even online casino games and a live casino make use of music to set the atmosphere and to encourage players to keep on playing.  

Online casinos believe that games with lively and vibrant music help the gameplay of their customers and this is why online casinos are now reaching out to indie music artists to get the music that they want. 

You probably think that most online casinos only play melodies or but music for players, and while this has worked before, it’s different now that people’s music taste has pretty much changed. Now, we’re not just saying this out of nowhere.

Some studies found how much impact music has on a person. If a casino game plays relaxing music then this will be thoroughly enjoyed by people who are playing real money games as an escape or to relax. There are also music and songs that bring nostalgia and this is a key component of gaming

The earlier slot machine games would also only play repetitive bit music and for some, this can be easily annoying. This is why many slot machine games now are incorporating more music to set the mood for such a simple game. Back then, repetitive music or melody can get away easily for different types of slot games, but now, it just doesn’t make sense to hear the same music for a race-themed game and a Greek Mythology-themed game. 

It also appears that many online casinos prefer indie music over other genres. Many indie music and songs are rather calm and soothing. This helps their players gain more concentration whenever they are playing games. This can also help the players make more logical decisions on their gameplays.

Indie music, in general, can just really expand the atmosphere of a casino game. This is way better than hearing the usual bit melodies and piano music that is the stereotype of a typical casino setting. The presence of music in casino games is getting bigger and better.

What’s also great about the fact that many casinos are now reaching out to indie artists is that these artists are getting an opportunity to add more works in their portfolios and to also earn more. This just means that this is very beneficial to both sides as the music of indie artists could help casinos earn more money from players who are hooked because of the music they use. Meanwhile, indie artists could also earn more the more casinos seek their art.

Aside from online casino gaming, there are many console games that are considered as great hits because of their soundtracks. An example is Life is Strange. This game won a lot of awards since 2015 including Best Audi and Best Soundtrack. What makes the soundtrack amazing is that it is made up of many indie artists like Alt-J, Breton, Message to Bears, Syd Matters, Local Natives, and many more.

Playing this game is such a mood even with its 2015 graphics. It’s story-based gameplay but many players would agree that this game is also popular because of the music that the game has. The selection of music that Life is Strange has helped you get more involved in the story and concerned about the characters. 

Even the game franchise The Sims is also known for its soundtrack and music. What’s fun about the music and songs that you can hear on this game series is that even if you don’t understand them, you’re probably familiar with some of them because these are actual songs from different artists.

The Sims have a selection for indie and pop music. Many players of this game would agree that they always leave the radio on in their games to hear their favorite songs. Even if the game has different genres, you can easily choose to listen to indie music because it is already a specific genre on the radio.

Overall, there are already a few great studies on how music can affect the gameplay and performance of players when they are immersed in a game. Music is now an important factor that positively affects the gaming experience of gamers out there.

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