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How to Get the Best Song for Your Tik Tok Video

Love it or hate it, TikTok is here to stay, no matter what soon-to-be US president Donald Trump may hope, and therefore you can expect for years to come millions of users will be looking to perfect the art of producing a TikTok video that will really pop.

A week doesn’t pass without a new TikTok craze of some sort taking root, this is clearly down to the ease of use that is inherent in both the production, and consumption, of the videos that are posted to the platform.

However the visuals are just one half of what makes a TikTok really catchy, the other half is the audio that you match to the video. This has become something of an artform for those who do it well, indeed the success of certain trends and videos have led to some established acts scoring worldwide hits in the charts, such is the reach of the platform.

As an example of this you need only look at 2019 smash hit Old Town Road, from Lil Nas X, which rode the TikTok music wave to number one in the Billboard charts and stayed there for 19 weeks! This was, at least initially, primarily down to the use of the track on TikTok.


However it can be something of a minefield to use songs from well-known artists on your TikTok videos, indeed the platform has altered the way the ‘sounds’ can be added, mainly due to issues related to copyrighted content.

The TikTok platform cracked down on the use of copyrighted music and now the use of music you don’t own can lead to the audio being entirely removed, or indeed the post itself being taken down.

Now you’ll have to ‘import’ music in order to get the right sounds to fit your video and that’s where a number of royalty-free music providers can help in a big way.

There has been a massive growth in sites offering copyright free music, another term of royalty free music, that are specifically for use in a number of areas including the use on social channels such as TikTok.

These providers offer vast libraries of audio content, through which you are free to locate the perfect sounds for whatever video you produce. Some of these sites offer literally millions of tracks, coming from new or less established musicians and bands who now ably use these sites to generate revenue from one-off sales.

Clearly the music that is on offer is specifically produced to fit the relevant needs. I.e. They have entire tracks that work well for longer features, such as within films or longer form commercials, as well as short-sharp pieces that are more ideal for immediate reaction from viewers.

Those acts, artists and bands, who offer their songs via these services are not only receiving a steady income stream from doing so, they are also hoping to use TIkTok as something of a ‘discovery tool’ and counting on any resultant exposure to help secure additional income going forward.

It is worth noting that TikTok also offers its own bank of royalty-free music, some 7000+ tracks, and there are some gems here. However, clearly this bank is going to be a collection that is repeatedly used by the millions upon millions who publish content to the platform.

This means that what you choose from this list will no doubt be quite familiar to users and as such the use of music from the TikTok library won’t necessarily stand out as much as a track found elsewhere.

Now when it comes to finding the best song for your TikTok  you would do well to do the relevant research. Most providers of royalty free music offer subscription services that give you access to hordes of tracks within relevant genres. 

Take a good look around and you’ll find just what you are looking for. Remember that the catchier a track you find to accompany your video, the more likely it will stick in the head of a user and the more likely it is to become part of a viral trend.


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