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Popular Female Musicians in the 90s

Just like the online casino industry the music industry is in constant revolution ever since its inception. Every Era in life seems to have its own type of music that rocked the radios. And, this is where all the bad artists have been left behind while some blend in with the transition. Here are some female musicians who managed to fight through the test of time.


Beyoncé Knowles-Carter is one of the most talented female artistes right now.  She has smoothly managed to perform songs in almost every genre of music and still make hits.  Beyoncé has excelled in trap music and is now making hits in the African Pop genre. She started her career in music from as young as 15. Mrs Carter was the lead of the popular female group, Destiny’s child. And, her daughter Blue Ivy might just be the next hit as she is now performing in her mother’s music as well.

Mariah Carey

The Guinness World Book of Records nicknamed this female musician the “Songbird Supreme”. She is popular for her five-octave vocal range that comes unsurpassed. After her song, “All I want for Christmas,” was a hit, she also earned herself the title, Queen of Christmas. Carey is known for having some of the most controversial relationships to her billionaire ex-boyfriend James Packer who liked to play casino games from online casinos like https://www.lecasinoenligne.co/who she went on to leave for dance, Bryan Tanaka. She also has two daughters with her ex-husband Nick Cannon. 


 It will be hard to remove Madonna from her Queen of Pop title because the artiste is still a hit. At some point she and the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, made a historic moment in pop culture when they appeared at the Academy Awards together back 1991.  Madonna is among one of the most influential women in the Music industry. Her music has managed to pass the test of time and is still celebrated even up to now.


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