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The science of casino background music

Music is a powerful tool that moves people emotionally and physically. Studies show that it affects them profoundly at a neurological level, shapes their behaviour, and impacts their psychology. Music puts people in a better mood, and its power isn’t unnoticed by retailers, marketers, casino operators, and event planners.

No one can deny music does wonders to the human brain, and marketers think the same, whether promoting a casino or sizzling hot deluxe. Well-picked melodies and musical instruments can create a welcoming atmosphere for players. When people visit offline casinos, they first notice the interior design, and then the soft instrumental music playing in the background. The volume isn’t too loud or too slow, but just right to know it’s there. Specialists define this music genre as lounge, and it includes songs that play continuously one after another without a pause to maintain the vibe. 

Is there a relationship between music and casinos?

The general rule states that music makes people perform specific actions and puts them in a particular mental state. But, it doesn’t work this way for casinos because they don’t have the luxury to play tunes that encourage their clients to bet more. In fact, there aren’t many songs that send this message, and they would have to play the same two or three on repeat, which would just annoy their clients. Instead, they use soft and melodic music to relax, enjoy the atmosphere, and feel secure and cosy. It’s crucial to bring them into this set of mind because they are more likely to spend more time playing and trying multiple games once they feel relaxed and secure. 

Background music allows operators to set the mood and help their clients to relax when they’re frustrated because they don’t perform as they expected or lose. Casino managers need to keep their clients as calm as possible, and music can help them. When players are calm, they continue to play even if they lose a few games because they’re optimistic about their chances. Experienced gamers know that it takes more than one game to win. And the more an individual remains in the casino, the more money they spend. 

What is the science behind the music casinos play on the background?

Game creators use music to create ambience and reward the players. When picked the tunes correctly improve monetization, encourage repeated plays, and longer sessions. 

The sound in slot machines influence the limbic system

Studies reveal that the sounds slot machines make when the user completes specific actions trigger certain emotions, motivates them to play more, and influence their overall behaviour. But users can turn off the music when they use mobile devices, so adding music to slot games isn’t enough, operators must find a way to motivate them to listen to the tunes they add to the games. They can achieve this if the sounds they pair with the visuals are pleasant to listen and complement the game’s narrative and general aesthetic. Unique background music and casino game plugins make casinos more attractive to players

When creating the music playlist for a casino, the operators should also consider the appropriateness of genre, fatigue, continuity of experience across stages, and other similar factors. They can test how playlists function before implementing them. 

The genre of the background music influences the user’s opinion of the products they use by 60%

Players create strong cognitive connections between the music played in the background and the games they play. The tunes they listen to can impact their experience and mood. When a soundtrack includes clipping tunes and poorly executes songs, or loops that aren’t pleasant to listen for the general public, it can negatively affect the players’ overall opinion of the casino. The background sound can diminish the online casino app’s replay value in the App Store and trigger negative reviews. 

Users can turn off the audio features, but then the casino would lose the benefits listed above. So, it’s best to test the songs and determine what the best playlist is. Some online casinos like verajohn have become well-known in the gambling sector for the slot games paired with fine tunes they provide. Online casinos should follow their examples and feature in their library only slots that come with high-quality playlists that encourage players to gamble. 

Music triggers numerous reactions in people

The right song can cause a behaviour-driving emotional response in a player in 0.074 seconds, two times faster than a blink. A tune can take a player from frustration to calmness in less than a second. 

Familiar tunes can trigger emotional responses better than unknown tunes. So, when choosing sounds for the background music, casinos should research the list of songs their target audience prefers, and integrate them in the playlist. 

Music distorts the perception of time and makes players believe they spend less time than they actually do playing games. The right tune can encourage the user to browse the online casino website longer and try different games. 

How can casinos create music playlists that attract their users and trigger positive responses?

By combining classical pieces with new elements, composers can maintain continuity, by providing the listeners with sounds they’re familiar with, while raising their curiosity to discover a new tune. When creating music for casino games, the developers need to present the music material, the target audience is familiar with, but in a format that matches the game. The familiar elements draw the players emotionally to the game, while the new ones keep the tunes fresh and unfamiliar, so the gamblers don’t get bored. In this context, casinos should create playlists that combine old and novel tunes, and mix them in a way that addresses their users’ preferences. 

The bottom line

For years, background music has played a vital role in brick-and-mortar casinos worldwide, but lately, it has also gained popularity among online players. They’re looking for websites that make them feel relaxed and cosy during gambling sessions. Few people pay attention to the music played in the background of a game, but it impacts the players at psychological ane emotional level, which brings only benefits to gambling operators. 


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