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Most Popular Online Games of 2021 For Adrenaline Lovers

If you’re a big adrenaline fan, it means you will be very pleased with offers such as online racing, especially when you consider that the whole world is absorbed in quarantine and it is not possible to get into reality on a world-class track. PC games for the whole family and everyone exclusively. In the modern world, everyone can choose a game according to their preference. From hardcore simulators to Mario Kart, to franchises like Gran Turismo and NFS, you’re sure to wear at least one game that works for you.

Top popular online games:

  • Dirt 5 – racing versions of production SUVs such as the new Aston Martin DBX.
  • F1 2020 – In 2021, the F1 championship is in full swing, but still do not forget about the past and make time for the official F1 2020 game.
  • Fast & Furious Crossroads 
  • Forza Motorsport
  • Gran Turismo 7

As soon as humans invented the automobile, auto racing immediately appeared. Passion for racing is determined by a high relationship with our beloved car. Ever since a man has tamed a horse and there has been a love of speed. A thousand years ago, there was no such understanding as an adrenaline rush, but it was clear that this feeling drives many people crazy, so today the horses were replaced by racing cars. For most car racing enthusiasts, noise and noise are important, making this sport one of the most popular and exciting in the world.

In Norway, a huge number of adrenaline lovers and Norwegians know how to combine quarantine conditions and not miss the opportunity to participate in what they love. Gambling, betting, and auto racing has also gained traction in the racing game industry. On Norwegian sites, there are a lot of perks such as bonus uten innskudd for betting.

Gambling expert, Kristoffer Haagensen, advises us on the most popular online games for 2021.  

More Popular Games for 2021

Norway has produced some superb poker players, and Norwegians love playing on foreign online gambling sites, especially since the country’s gambling controls are so strict. There are even casinos dedicated to welcoming Norwegian players.

Norwegians can look forward to enjoying the following popular games in 2021:


Norway has given the world some of its most outstanding poker players. Players mostly gained their experience playing in foreign casinos until the government legalized live poker tournaments in 2014. 

Live Poker

Live poker is played against the dealer, making it easier to make calculated decisions quickly. 

Other variants of poker include the popular Three Card Poker, and the challenging but exciting Texas Hold ’em poker, which offers a variety of potential game situations. 

Video Poker

Video Poker is fast-paced and differs from original poker, as it comes with many game types and varieties that are played against the video poker machine. This game combines the best parts of poker and slot games. Your odds of winning at video poker are also high because the game has a high RTP percentage.


Online slots will continue to grow in popularity this year. Classic slots remain popular, while players can also indulge in Video Slots. Online casinos continuously add new slots, and players can enjoy games by well-known providers such as NetEnt, and Microgaming. 

Slots are also perfect for new players, as it’s easy to get the hang of them, and they are fun to play with the potential of winning big. 


Craps is a fairly basic game and not as hard as it looks. The craps table has been designed so that people can play on both ends simultaneously; once you understand the table’s layout and the craps lingo, it’s easy to win big. 

Online Craps has two phases – the Come Out Roll phase and the Point phase. 


Live Roulette will continue to be a favorite among players, as it’s easy to play. You simply place a bet on which pocket the ball will land in and if the pocket will be black or red.  


This popular game has stood the test of time and is often portrayed in films. Some casinos offer several variations of this game of chance.  


Blackjack will never lose its status as an all-time favorite because of its fast-paced action and the potential of winning massive amounts of money. The game is also available in many different variants and will keep you busy and entertained for some time.  


It’s crucial to do your research and register only with a licensed and regulated casino. Casinos should be registered with the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority. 

Online gambling is set to become even more popular and will offer players excellent promotions and other opportunities in 2021. It’s also a great way to unwind after a long work week, and if you make use of bonuses and free offers, you don’t have to spend too much money on your favorite hobby. 


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